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Landscape Design ahead of the Curve

popcorn around a firepitGrab the Popcorn! It’s video-time in Landscape Design! 3 landscape designs ahead of the curve in Outdoor Living. Isn’t it time for you to “Take it Outside?” Extend out and bring in more living and entertaining to your everyday lifestyle.

Get first peek into ‘before yards’ as homeowner ideas are handed off to talented designers. These landscape designs overflow with ‘living the best outdoor life’ details. Details matching the family they are designed for. Then our crews bring them to life. Here come the bulldozers, the brick layers, the build experts. Then the strong finish. Get cozy ’round the firepit to appreciate the process right down to the “after-glow!”

#1 Outdoor Living Design

See a good mix of Before & During as this property transforms. A minimalist design makes it more spacious. The split-kitchen is super smart with a grill master area a few steps from the crowd-gathering spot. The bar is a people magnet along with being the beverage space. Whoa: fridge, freezer, ice-maker, trash compactor. (What, all those appliances in an outdoor kitchen?) (Didn’t we say, ahead of the curve?)

#2 Outdoor Living Design

Want more show and less talk? You got it. Watch this property transform from Start to Finish before your eyes!

#3 Outdoor Living Design

This Makeover Landscape is a fan favorite. One of our viewers writes: ” I would gladly live outside in that space. As long as I could get a hot shower once in awhile.”  We have to agree!

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

What was your favorite of all three?  Most will say they like bits and pieces from each landscape. That’s the thing with Outdoor Living. There are so many ideas, styles, and elements to choose from. And who gets to choose? You do.

Wait, There’s More Where These Came From

How to choose right? Suggestion – get busy getting ideas:

*Our YouTube Channel with Micah Dennis, The Outdoor Living Guy

*Paradise Restored Portfolio with over 130 Landscape Designs

*A Super Cool Landscape Blog – Features a Mix of Ideas

Let Us Have a Look-See

Once you have your ideas and must-haves, we’ll come to your property to get a feel for it all.  Seriously, check out this video on:

That’s a Wrap Portland!

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Hey, it’s July . . . get outside and soak up some Sun!

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