Design Plans Deliver Innovative Landscapes

Design Plans Deliver Innovative Landscapes. Taking it outside as we near 2020 has us re-thinking strategies. Our increasing expectations in outdoor living spaces requires a master plan for our investment. Landscapes have evolved into more than beautiful lawns with plantings. They are a combination of nature and creature comforts. It’s as if family rooms have moved outdoors and become multi-functional, with nature elements throughout to engage the senses.


Vision for the Future

A recent report released by the International Furnishings and Design Association makes future predictions based on its nearly 2,000 members across the US and abroad. Of those surveyed 69 percent believe that outdoor living spaces will expand by 2020, and low-maintenance spaces are a must.

We’ll Spend More Time in the Garden

According to the report, landscaping and herb and vegetable gardens will be big, with 49 percent of respondents weighing in on the importance of this type of outdoor space.

We’ll Favor Multipurpose Spaces

Of those surveyed, over 90 percent believed that we’ll favor multi-functional spaces over separate, dedicated rooms.

Multi-Functional Outdoor Kitchen, Bar Island, Living Room, Fireplace Wall


Landscape Designers are the Architects of the Outdoors

To create these remarkable outdoor living and entertaining spaces a landscape designer is impossible to do without. Creating a cohesive outdoor space with house-matching savvy needs a plan. Go to the experts to collaborate. Landscape designers are the architects of the outdoors. Many are drawn to their field and use natural instincts to develop design plans specific to a person’s wants and needs. They turn the client’s ideas into detailed plans that include exact dimensions, materials, and building instructions. Many projects require a series of drawings with the exact details of how it will look. Designers put onto paper the homeowners’ dreams and choices, giving them a realistic preview.



Reading these designers’ bio’s gives confidence in the Design Plan outcome. Landscape designers work together to create a space that solves a problem while enhancing natural surroundings.  You’ll notice a sincere bond with nature when you visit with these landscape designers. Drop into our Designer Profile page to get a feel about their passion and viewpoints. Landscape Design Team



Notice the life-like design plan in 3D Visualization – the McAravey Property –  shown below. Tour the property to see the outcome of the design plan.

Things have changed from a time where homeowners had a couple of ideas they shared with a landscape company who ran with it their own way. In a world of Pinterest, houzz, and google, many ideas and photographs provide thousands of ideas to create innovative landscapes. In a walkthrough of the property the process is simple; align ideas around a design plan. Homeowners do not always know what they want. Some know exactly what they want. This is where landscape designers become so helpful. They can develop half shaped ideas or interpret solid direction. They know styles, plantings, hardscapes, structures and have years of industry knowledge and experience.

So what do you choose in your design plan? A Covered Structure like a gazebo with outdoor kitchen and/or living room, or a pergola that provides partial shade and becomes a focal point? Visit Newcombe and James properties shown below to get a better view of these structures

And deciding the perfect hardscaping is an important consideration. Architectural slabs, or concrete?  There are many other choices…    Braghero and Bownagel properties shown

Water & Fire Elements… Some only want fire pits or fireplaces…. others insist on a water feature…. then you have those who choose both.  Grove property shown below


One design element many do not think about are walkways. Walkways can be simple or unique but regardless of your final choice, they do make a statement as they navigate you through the landscape.

Are you more tuned into nature and want to surround yourself with a garden landscape? Knowing soil types, temperatures for a given location, and types of irrigation can be difficult but your designer is an expert in this arena. Fill your entire yard with picture perfect plantings. If a garden is in your wheelhouse, that too becomes part of the design. Garden design plans work to give you the best backyard you can dream of.

Well, after all these choices, have we helped or are you more confused than ever? Yes, there are so many components to a landscape design plan. We thank you for joining us today and encourage you to visit our portfolio to collect your favorite design elements for your own Innovative Landscape Design Plan.


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