How Do We Design Your Landscape During Covid? By Adjusting Our Methodology to Mimic Proven Procedures – and so Far it’s Working Perfectly. To start: We use Zoom technology to meet with you to Design Your Project.

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Zoom Design Consultations

Designer Meeting and Collaboration • 2D Scaled Design • 3D Perspectives • Material Choice Recommendations • Color Coordination of Materials • Site Measurement/Analysis

Blog CartoonFor Safety we’ll meet with clients ‘Face-to-Face’ via Zoom to discuss the project over video conferencing. Our Design Team has been collaborating remotely for years.

Together we tour you property using shared photos of existing conditions and aerial views of the property. We pull-up images of related project designs to hone in on your choice of function and aesthetics. Zoom allows easy hand-off of the mouse so both you and the designer can reference and point to elements being discussed.

Then, fully informed about the project our skilled designer will independently access the property to measure and perform a site analysis making everyone’s safety a priority.


Zoom Design Process

Blog CartoonMEASURE: We head to your property to perform a site survey and record comprehensive measurements used to create a basemap from which to develop your design. We take pictures and assess conditions such as slope, sun/shade, privacy, drainage, health of existing plants, and views.

DESIGN: After careful consideration of your needs, the information we’ve gathered, research, and inspiration we carefully lay out each element with thought and precision to develop a preliminary concept. We meet via Zoom to present our work. The design will detail the individual landscape elements discussed and include 3D renderings, and materials selections. If any changes are desired, we roll up our sleeves and together mark up the concept. We work with you (video conferencing) to make changes to your satisfaction.

DELIVER: Finally, we’ve refined the plan and deliver your completed design which includes all hardscapes and details. You now have a plan to begin the next and most exciting phase, installation.

Zoom Face-to-Face Throughout Installation

Once we have the design, the build begins. With Zoom’s capabilities we are able to meet with you, designer, and project manager throughout this process Paradise Restored offers a team of skilled licensed contractors, carpenters, stone and paving experts, horticulturalists, and more. We also facilitate the acquisition, delivery and planting of the plants in adherence with the design. Once a design and estimate have been completed we’ll start on your installation. Now you can understand why getting started immediately will jump-start your outdoor living space when life after Covid gets us back to normal again.

Hundreds of Maybe’s or Must-Haves for your Backyard Design

Coming up with your backyard wish list is full of should we or shouldn’t we. Be honest with yourself and decide what you and your family like doing the most. Are you water play people, enjoy friends around you, like more of a sleek aesthetic or prefer campfire cozy? Go to the Mattress so to speak – to scrutinize other property designs asking what is best for us?

The next 3-Blogs are loaded with ideas/info to help Design Your Landscape During Covid . . . grab your cell phone to save the looks you like best then click-in to collect your favorites . . .

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Landscape Design

Free Zoom Design Consultation Today

We know many are looking out their windows as their lives are on hold . . . looking at backyards READY for makeovers. How Do We Know? Because a new client last week told us! He was frustrated knowing he’d have to wait to begin their remodel. Who knew he didn’t have to wait? We met with him via Zoom and their design plan is underway. Best yet, because he had this downtime, him and his wife were able to be a very active part of the design process together. Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

See the entire Gilbert Property we’ve been highlighting:

We do it all, and therefore oversee your project from consultation through installation.

We’ll help you navigate through all the decisions to find the solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

It can be exciting pouring over property designs for your outdoor living space. It can also be exhausting. Selecting hardscaping & walkway materials, fire feature choices, outdoor kitchens vs free standing grill islands . . . maybe a turf pet-run or putting green strip can scramble ones’ brain! Choosing style, components and how they all go together is where Designers make sense of it. Their expert advise is music to your ears the minute they start talking landscape design. As a result, They Know it All and will Show You how it Fits in your Backyard.


Visit our gallery of works in our portfolio or Visit our YouTube Channel or get your Zoom on . . .

See you Face-to-Face Soon

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