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Videos gets our two thumbs up! Why?  Videos are essential for adding the ‘human’ essence modern consumers crave. Videos and Vlogging offer the best visual source for outdoor living know-how. And they show that we’re a bunch of normal guys around here at Paradise Restored.  On the run, coffee break, or chatting with friends… a quick vlog can answer many questions. They give visual ideas while you watch successful landscape designs unfold before your eyes. You gain tips and ideas about elements, structures, and become aware of processes you never considered.


vlog cartoonNot to be annoying, but Micah Dennis and our Designers lead where others follow in Landscape Design. Micah began designing outdoor living features in landscapes before outdoor living was even popular. Then, our design pros came along with industry credentials and added more bells and whistles. What were we supposed to do with all these hot, sizzling backyard designs? Show them off, Video style. And we do!

Micah became the Outdoor Living Guy to share a wealth of info to homeowners of all ages, with all kinds of landscapes. Again, it’s about info sharing. The how-tos, the ins and outs, the must do’s. Tips on what to consider when planning your own outdoor living space. Pop into a couple of the YouTube Videos and see him and his sidekick in action. (videographer: Alyvia Dennis, social media specialist: Paris Gilmore)


Drones furnish us with highly detailed views of landscapes we can’t get from eye level. These friendly robots access the world’s environment and are fairly easy to operate. It didn’t take Micah long to want an aerial view of his landscape designs. He started practising with his drone and now they make a good team filming all kinds of properties. You’ll love the Mcfee Property through the eyes of our drone video. Want to peruse the property slowly? Take a walk-thru to capture the landscape elements in your own sweet time.


Yes, we want to show off our landscape designs! Your visual insight is important to us. We want to help you see the many ideas you can make your own. Let’s show off a few videos right now, shall we? Like the Castle Property. How better for you to see the opening and closing of the louvered metal awning? These homeowners enjoy a large open landscape and wanted to provide awnings over the lower level living area and the upper level grill area.  Smart in Portlands’ on-and-off-again rain cycle.

And the Hildalgo Property mini-video shows off the beauty of a flickering flame overlooking a unique basketball sports court.  Click into the portfolio to get a closer look and more videos.

And wait, videos give LIFE to a Landscape design. Like in the Torres Property and the Hirselj Property. Both of these designs show how small-space backyards can be turned into outdoor rooms for living in. Just one more room of the house – outside.

In closing this Designing Outdoor Living Spaces – Videos Blog, let’s go to one of our favorite videos for show and tell, Before & After! It’s FUN to see the plain old backyards turn into landscape masterpieces.

Okay kids, over and out! Get you excited for your own backyard transformation? Get ahold of us for a complimentary consultation @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

Want to see more visual eye candy? Go to our portfolio @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/ or to see more of our videos  on our YouTube Channel.

Many thanks to Be Burk Photography for excellent work in our portfolio photos/videos. Let’s not forget our Design Team , it Rocks! And, honorable mention to Micah Dennis. Our man about town with camera and drone in hand – YOU ARE AWESOME!

That’s a wrap!

Get Outside Portland, Come Rain or Come Shine!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Specialist

Landscape Blogger, Video Vlogger Wanna-be

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