No More Muddy Paw Prints

Hi Guys, Micah Outdoor Living Guy with a Tuesday tip for you about Dog Friendly Backyards. People call me constantly, especially as we move closer to the rainy season asking for help. “What can we do to create a dog-friendly space that prevents so much mud in the house?”  In answer, what we’ve done here is to create a dog-friendly backyard with no lawn so for those thinking about a lawn, this solution might not be the right tip for you.

However, it is a nice-fix for muddy paw prints in the house. The video below on a Dog Friendly Backyard explains why:


Great Look Outside – Clean Floors Inside

The Atwoods love this solution for their two large dogs who come out to their destination bathroom area – an easy clean-up with the pea gravel.  Notice the pea gravel on the side areas, then two designated pathways, next, a large two-to-five-inch river rock garden and some river rock beds in the back. The entire backyard is a rock garden of some sort so it minimizes muddy-paw-prints.

Maximize Aesthetic – Minimize Mud

Many homeowners like this solution and I hope it is a direction you might want to go with for your backyard. Bonus, this Dog Friendly outdoor space is a cost-efficient design with gravel, pea gravel, and river rock beds. It is also pretty sweet looking. Something to think about.

Okay guys, think dog-friendly spaces until next time.

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