Don’t Forget to Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Roses – All roses have the symbolic meaning of “I love you”, but the different colors also have a meaning all of their own. For example, yellow roses mean “joy”; red roses mean “passion”, burgundy roses mean “unconscious beauty”; orange/coral roses mean “desire”; pink roses mean “grace and gentility”; red and white roses together mean “unity”; white roses mean “worthiness”.Daisies are symbolic of innocence and beauty.
Irises/Lilies symbolize “resurrection/life” and are popular for burials.
Apple Blossom gives meaning of hope, good fortune, and better things to come.
Blue periwinkle is symbolic of friendship.
Blue violets mean modesty and faithfulness.
Camellias mean loveliness and gratitude.
Gardenias symbolize a secret and untold love.
Forget-Me-Nots mean true love and remembrance.
Honeysuckles symbolize devoted affection, generosity
Hyacinth – Loveliness
Hydrangea – Boastfulness
Iris – Warmth of affection
Ivy– Eternal fidelity
Jasmine – Amiability
Larkspur – Laughter
Lemon Blossoms – Fidelity in love
Lilac – First Love
White Lilac – Youthful innocence
Lily – Majesty
Lily-of-the-Valley – Return of happiness
Magnolia – Perseverance
Marigold – Affection
Mimosa – Secret love
Myrtle – Love, remembrance
Orange Blossoms – Purity, fertility
Orchids – Rare beauty
Peach Blossoms – Captive
Peony -Bashfulness
Poppies symbolize a consolation in time of death. In many countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, red poppies are worn to commemorate veterans who died in war.
Rosemary – Remembrance
Sweet Pea – Delicate pleasures
Tulip – Love
Violet – Affection, faithfulness, modesty
Yellow Tulip – Hopeless love-

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