“Don’t forget to subscribe to my Outdoor Living YouTube channel”

Don’t forget to subscribe to my Outdoor Living Youtube channel

“Don’t forget to subscribe to my Outdoor Living Youtube channel” is a phrase that my video viewers have heard me say over and over. Why do I ask you to Subscribe? My straight forward answer is: I need your Help. Help to grow our Outdoor Living channel.

What’s in it for me you might ask yourself? Crazy good info! The skinny on what’s happening and being done NOW in Outdoor Living Trends, Designs, and On-site Construction.

PEOPLE ARE HEADED OUTDOORS – creating jaw-dropping living spaces with views and amenities you think only the rich and famous enjoy. Time you got some visual know-how on Landscape Designs you’ll want to steal for your own.


Take a close look at this 3D rendering and watch ‘The Outdoor Living Guy’ in a quick YouTube video about how the construction is coming along right now as you read this blog. This eye-catching outdoor living landscape is definitely what sweet dreams are made of . . .

landscape design - 3d

Amazing, isn’t it? First, the setting and view are pretty breathtaking but how about that design? Spectacular upper & lower deck outdoor living extraordinaire. Paradise Restored has the best Landscape Designers in Portland.

Nice work Team Paradise! Superhuman landscape design, eh? Might be why superhero Micah Dennis is always asking you to subscribe!

Now you can see why we encourage You to Watch Our Videos, to Like us and to Comment. We need people like you, subscribing and sharing our stuff with your friends and family. Want some of the elements you saw in this Northwest Hills YouTube? Want to show your best friends? Easy, head to the channel and watch it with them. Then get honest feedback from the people you trust while turning them on to the Outdoor Living YouTube Channel for their own landscape.

Want more ideas? Explore other Outdoor Living Guy videos  – Jump into our website, kick back and enjoy. To peruse individual properties head for our portfolio of works.


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Did we tell you these videos ARE thumbs up interesting? You see the Before, & the After in landscape design and construction. But, there is icing on the cake, too. You’ll see interesting Portland, Oregon info! This video of the Hirselj Property in NW Portland has an EXTRA STORY on top. Also, you’ll see how this small backyard becomes user friendly. It may be small but it packs a punch! Big time entertainment and aesthetic value.


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Hey, we don’t want to make you bug-eyed, watching WAY TO MANY VIDEOS. Our Channel brings you – 4 a month, every Thursday.

But, we need your help. We need your voices to grow our Family Tree.  To give a thumbs up, comment, and share. WELCOME TO THE CHANNEL.   Video Example #3 will Tickle your Senses . . . Take a ride around Portland, to the Coast & the Mountains… with the Outdoor Living Guy as your Guide.


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Okay, we know short and sweet sells. But there are many who want more than bells and whistles. THEY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. That’s the nice thing about our YouTube channel, it has a good mix of content. Fun and informative. A good example of solid info is our video: Insider Tips to Improve your Outdoor Living Space.  You’ll also fall in love with the property. I can see you clicking SUBSCRIBE NOW as we near the blog finish line.




Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Outdoor Living Guy.

Outdoor Living Guy who?

Outdoor Living Guy, asking you to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel





Enjoy our fifth and final YouTube video for today as we call it a wrap! Click on the photo to take your time in this property after you enjoy a drone’s eye view.

Tropical Landscape Design


“Don’t forget to subscribe to my Outdoor Living Youtube channel”

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