Are Fireplaces Still Popular?

We are forever mesmerized by the dance of flames yet with TV screens on 24/7 and cell phones glued to our palms, is anyone staring into the fire? Or have fireplaces become background ambiance? Well, we can’t solve media obsession in a landscape blog – but if we’re talking about fireplaces, yes, they are still very popular with Double Sided Outdoor Fireplaces – an absolute favorite. Outdoor firepits, fireplace walls, and modern gas fireplaces are everyone’s go-to spots in a landscape, but you have to admit it’s pretty cool to be able to see through to the other side while staring into the fire. It’s like being a part of everything that’s going on while staying put in the best seat possible. Notice this gorgeous backyard fireplace from the front and back views. Two-sets of front row seats. Dibs on an outside chair!
Camping in the backyard

This camping space was designed for our homeowners’ backyard. In addition to an outdoor living space, a camp site was added close to a wooded area on the property. Fun, eh? Kids will love adventures in the woods.

Campfires . . . but in our Backyards

Most of us have age-old camping stories, right? Driving to the campsite – setting up the tent stories? The campfire stoked throughout the day then into the night. Stools surrounding the fire to plop down – grab a stick – poke the coals and watch the flames. . . . Camping has passed down from generations as an appreciation for time outdoors – together. Nowadays, camping has changed. We’ve seen the explosion of outdoor living spaces as no-time lifestyles have fueled the trend to camp in the backyard. It’s a shoes off, marshmallow eating, hammock lounging lifestyle with all the bells and whistles of both camping and outdoor living – – combined.

Double Sided Fireplaces

Whoops – Wasn’t this About See-Thru Fireplaces?

Okay already, I get it. I kinda went off track when I reminisced about old camping trips. Seriously though, people ‘don’t have/don’t make’ the time to camp anymore. That’s why we are talking about fireplaces in outdoor living designs. Backyard fireplaces can deliver the same feel-good experience camping use to give us – any day of the week.

We are featuring Double Sided Outdoor Fireplaces but couldn’t resist other magnificent fireplace ideas. The videos are jam-packed with images and content info.


Take it to the Backyard

Contemporary Double-Sided Fireplace with Seat Walls, Covered Structure, TV, Kitchen Grill Island, Outdoor Bar, Seatwalls, Hot Tubs, Putting Green, Wood Burning Firepit Hauskins Property

Peek-a-Boo . . . I see You

Triple Sided Fireplace w/Wood Storage Bin, Attached Covered Structure, Pergola, Hardscaping w/Seatwall, Grill Station – Pub Style Carey Property

Gas or Wood Burning – The Choice is all Yours

Some like the real McCoy of a wood burning fireplace – equating gas fireplaces to fake plants/fruit. Wood is a cheaper fuel source than gas—and is often free if you have access to it on your property. In spite of the fact that wood burning is more combustion efficient than heat transfer efficient, the nostalgic wood-smoke smells – the sizzle & crackle – may win this debate. Wood fires are more labor intensive but some like the gathering and stoking of it all.
Want the ease of flipping a switch in your hectic-paced life? Many are choosing gas burning fireplaces because of ease and it’s clean burning for the environment. Also, gas fireplaces burn so cleanly, there is no need to have a chimney. This aesthetic works well in recent upswings in contemporary landscape design trends.

There’s no place like home . . .

See-Thru Fireplace, Covered Structure w/Pergola, Grill Island Kitchen, Outdoor Bar, Wood Fired Pizza Oven w/Wood Bin, Spa under Pergola, Hammock Time, Wood Burning Firepit, Waterfall Pond. Washington Property

Tower Power Fireplace Duo

Double-Sided Fireplace, Covered Structure, Outdoor Kitchen, Outdoor Bar, Wood Fired Pizza Oven w/Wood Bin, Wood Burning Firepit w/Seatwalls, Waterfall Feature. Ruesch Property

Windows Update

Window View Fireplace, Seat walls, Magnificent Pergola, Fish pond w/Sheer Descent, Pond Watch Seat Wall, Kids Play Station, Hardscape, Wood Burning Firepit and Campsite. Dawson Property

Good Investment – Endless Memories

In these properties you saw the Fireplace take center stage. The ambiance, romance, aesthetic appeal . . . (wait a second, it’s not just the cool words but the every-day words too) . . . heat-a-cold-body factor, Smores’ are an outdoor food-group, and best-ever-spot-to-tell-spooky-stories – make fireplaces forever people magnets. Granted, your backyard might not be exactly the same as a camping trip, but come one guys, the fireplace & firepits, make ’em a pretty good second. See why we can’t stop loving ‘Em?
Bonus: Outdoor Fireplaces boost the value of your home significantly making them a good investment. According to a study supported by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace adds 12 percent to the selling price of a home.

Time to Say Goodbye for Now

Say Goodbye Kim. You are getting way-to-silly to continue this blog. Wait, before you go – Got another minute or two? Check out more designs that appeal to your aesthetic. Micah Dennis loves to give you know-how with his outdoor living videos. Visit our YouTube Channel And best yet . . . Need a one-on-one in your backyard? (Complimentary Consultation) You got it!

It’s a Wrap!

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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Landscape Blogger, Campfire Memories Never Die . . .

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