Eclipse E-Zip Shading Screen – Video & Info

You know what we’re talking about. Those times when during the heat of the day, our friendly sun becomes too intense and burns into our enjoyment. The Eclipse E-Zip allows you to filter up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and cut out harsh glare while allowing you to see out. The drop screen is operated with push-button remote control ease. And . . .  it looks gorgeous.
Here’s what the Outdoor Living Guy has to say about it:

At Architectural Testing, Incorporated in York, PA, recent wind speed tests reveal that the Eclipse Shading Systems® E-Zip Side Retention Solar and Insect Screen system fabrics can withstand up to 130 mph winds. The E-Zip solar screen was subjected to a dynamic wind test created from a single engine-driven fan located 20 feet away with speeds up to 130 mph. Three units 120” wide x 84” drop, mounted inside wooden frames showed no damage to super screen fabric with winds up to 130 mph. The Mermet Satene 3030 screen fabric showed no damage with winds up to 110 mph and Ferrari 502 with solid vinyl boarder showed no damage with winds up to 70 mph. Eclipse Awning

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Hey Portland, we hope you enjoyed this sun shade review. We’ve a few other shade screens in out Portfolio – take a tour . . .

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The McFee Property has an optional shade:

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