Children’s Play Structures in Landscapes

Kim Thibodeau

First balmy day in February and everyone‘s talking about spring, gardens, or yard projects. Sunshine brings smiles to our faces and we want to head outdoors. And we are Adults! All the children have been cooped up for months. They too want to soak up rays and breathe fresh air. What better way for them to do that than to run outside to their own play area? Like this one:


Landscapes’ are for families. Having a children’s play ground w/play structure in your backyard allows for playtime with play dates – just a few steps from the backdoor. Parents busy with inside activities can finish while the kids climb, swing and play! When ready to get outdoors, parents can watch their children show-off their latest play ground accomplishments. Or pursue their own landscape interests while the kids are busy playing! This landscape is especially family-friendly with gated deck, board walk, and luscious lawn:


Playing outside provides children with something they don’t get enough of anymore – exercise. Exercising while having fun is the best kind of exercise, and it gets our children’s bodies moving – something most video games can’t do. And sadly, because we’re in the technological age – today children are literally shown everything. Playing outside helps children develop and use their own imagination. A play structure becomes a fort, a playhouse, anything they can imagine. This family landscape is ready for loads of family fun:

“But will the kids actually play on it,” might be the first question that comes to mind, and, “what ages do they tend to lose interest?” A recent answer was posted, we have a play structure very similar to this one and my family uses it a lot. All the kids’ friends use it too. The ages range between 3 years old and up to teens. The teens use it for an area to sit around and just talk…. all the other kidos play a lot on it. I hope that helps.Dougherty Family Property

Children’s play grounds w/play structures have become an important element in landscape design. Some have large grassy areas, but they can also be built in all-size yards and landscape settings. These play areas are sure to supply hours of fun and help your children get Vitamin D, provided by the sun. Vitamin D helps promote better moods, energy levels, memory, and overall health. Children’s play structures are perfect for ‘family living in landscapes.’

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