Sloped Backyard Patio Ideas (Maximize space for fire)

Our Tuesday Tip for today shares firepit sloped backyard ideas. When thinking about designing your outdoor living space on a sloped yard, you may wonder how to maximize space, especially in a sloped small yard. Please consider options with retaining walls and a firepit seat wall with backrest as a solution.

That is what Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy will share in this Tuesday Tips video. We all want to walk out onto a flat surface patio with destinations spots to head to. Many give up before they start – never realizing sloped backyard retaining walls are the solution. And they are a beautiful one. This video will share many completed landscapes on a slope near house.

Add a Firepit in It

By excavating the slope and retaining it, and adding a firepit seat wall with a backrest to handle the slope – suddenly you have a beautiful destination with a fire pit that frames the entire outdoor living space. It’s a practical and beautiful solution that provides hours of outdoor entertainment, extra seats for friends & family – all with untouched space. How’s that for Fun & Functional?

That’s the Tuesday Tip – so don’t panic if you have a sloped backyard. Check out some ideas and solutions these other homeowners tried by retaining the slope and adding a firepit seat wall. Click on the photo to tour the entire property.

Johnson Property

Corner Firepit with seatback/seatwall is a great solution in this sloped backyard.

Sloped Backyard with Firepit Seatwall with Seatbacks

Noonberg Property

This backyard had a super slope until the PR Designers went to work on a remodel.

Sloped Backyard with Firepit

DuChene Property

A slope with cascade waterfall feature is controlled with a firepit with seatwall.

Sloped Backyard with Firepit and Seatwall

Roscoe Property

A little firepit with seatwall in the corner is a perfect way to keep things on steady ground.

Sloped Backyard with Firepit Seatwal

Rosson Property

With flower beds threatening to wash down and around the hardscape – adding a firepit with seatwall creates the the perfect retaining wall.

Firepit with Seatwall in sloped backyard

Brehm Property

A firepit with seatwall and privacy screen create a haven in a small backyard,

Firepit with Seatwall

Ruesch Property

Gorgeous? Yep – a firepit with wrap-around seatwall keeps the slope from intruding.

Firepit Seatwall in Sloped Backyard

Bissell Property

Such a cool way to hold back the top-tier of a landscape – a firepit with seatback/seatwall is an excellent design.

Firepit Seatwall in Sloped Backyard

Case Property

Step down and snuggle into the corner firepit room.

Sloped Backyard with Firepit

Smith Property

A fireplace with seatwalls keeps this outdoor living room dry and cozy.

Fireplace Seatwall in sloped backyard

Edelberg Property

Hot tub and firepit are a great combo here . . . in this sloped backyard.

Firepit with Seatwall - sloped backyard

Finch Property

Seatwalls around firepits make a useful retaining wall like in this corner firepit.

Sloped Yard - firepit seatwall

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