Whatcha’ Gonna Do with a Soggy Lawn?

An unsightly, poorly drained lawn affects the entire look of your property. Solution? A little French Drain action, baby. French drains are designed to move trapped water in the ground and redistribute it. They are called by many names: trench drain, filter drain, blind drain, rubble drain, rock drain, drain tile, perimeter drain, land drain, French ditch, sub-surface drain, sub-soil drain or agricultural drain. (Thank you Wiki)

Dewatering soil prone to frequent saturation from rain or flooding is best accomplished with a classic French drain, which is basically a trench filled with coarse stone or gravel. The drain is then covered with a couple of inches of topsoil and sod. Many FD systems do not require an outlet as the water simply soaks into the soil as it flows along the perforated pipe.

Watch as the Outdoor Living Guy explain the process:

You’ve Got To Move It – Move It

The Olsen Property was a huge landscape makeover. With a slope this deep, you’re definitely going to need to move water where you want it to go and keep it from pooling at the bottom of the hill. French Drain To the Rescue. The first group of images below show the property under construction and the installed waterfall feature. The second photos show the finished landscape with boulder steps and dry creek beds. Click in to see the remodeled finish.

Pardon My French

Another Must-Have French Drain property, the Noonbergs. Without a way to redirect water, it would all be downhill hanging out on the hardscape and around the firepit. People should gather there, not muddy water!

Disguise it with a Dry Creek Bed

A dry stream bed simply disperses water that would normally puddle and stand a few days. These eye-catching features look so natural, you’d think they’ve always been part of the landscape design. An easy-does-it, water-diverting approach adding beauty whether wet or dry . . . all while getting the job done.

Good work dry creek beds . . .

 Petersen Property

Auerbach Property

That’s a wrap!

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