This Is Paradise & We Put Up a Parking Lot

Complete with Swingin’ Hot Spots!

Our Front Yard Makeover ditches blurred lines and muddy pathways to enhance nature’s backdrop. Nature doesn’t always conform to mans living needs; Concrete VS Nature seems to be in an eternal battle. Blending man-made structures & features with trees & plants around and through it, this front yard makeover becomes an outdoor living paradise.

Did we level a few run-a-way slopes? Build a few retaining walls? Add creature comforts? You bet we did! We think you will agree, we left plenty of ‘the birds and the bees.’

Pathways & Boulder Steps

Hardscape Walkways are a Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design favorite. They turn seasonal outdoor living spaces into all-year round go-to spots. Boulder steps are attractive and make it easy to get there . . .

We Got You Covered – Outdoor Food Prep & Dining

Relax and Napkin Up! Food, friends, and family are a winning combo. These grill & dining spaces are an immediate outdoor attraction. Head for cover and snuggle in.



Hillside Firelight & Lounge Areas

Fire, Fire, Fire! We can’t seem to get enough. Firepits, fireplaces. We are mesmerized by the ‘dance of the flames’ and this cool-relax-zone has 2-pits for double the pleasure.

It’s a Wrap!

Looks like this paved-paradise adventure has come to an end. Wait . . . there’s more where this came from! Many more YouTube videos with thousands of landscape makeover ideas. Partial to story-lines & images? Romp Thru our Portfolio for the full-meal-deal.  Did you know, Paradise Restored will come take a look at your landscape? Our complimentary consultations are the best way to begin your makeover journey. Call Us!



Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, Front Yard Videos Baby . . .

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