Gabion Walls

Hey everybody, Micah, the Outdoor Living Guy – here with another Tuesday Tip for you. This one is on Gabion Walls and why you would put a Gabion Wall into your Outdoor Space. Well, there’s a lot to it – we’re gonna talk all about it in this video so enjoy:

Gabion Wall Benefits – Show me the money!

First, they are inexpensive, they look cool, and they are not traditional as far as walls are concerned. You see different walls in different neighborhoods and some of them look pretty ugly and worse, they don’t hold up long term and need to be replaced. The ones here, Gabion walls are the best of both worlds.

They look nice, a little bit sleek, they’re not the norm and they add a little bit of a contemporary look to your landscape.  Sometimes, with a very traditional house and a very traditional landscape, adding a modern feel adds to the overall landscape aesthetic.  These walls can showcase the rest of the space.

Gabion Walls – What are they?

The name Gabion is obtained from the Italian word for cage. It is usually a wire container filled with rocks or concrete. They can form structures used to stabilize against erosion or in the case of this landscape design, mirror and blend old quarry rock walls with new gabion rock walls. Take a mini-tour of the Thomas property.

Fun Bench in the Middle

A fun detail here in this gabion wall – a built in bench.  This really cool bench adds interest and a destination. A reason head outside, pick out a seat – watch the kids play in the lawn. We love this detail. There is another bench built into the old quarry rock wall up higher on the trail to the house.

We hope you can see this gabion wall video gives you the ability to add ‘wall space’ to your landscape design.  So, our Tuesday Tip on Gabion Walls in Wire – highly recommends why you should consider them for your backyard enjoyment.

It’s a Wrap!

We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you design your landscape. Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We are happy to answer questions or give advice. Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? See the before and after photos in each one and grab your favorite ideas.




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