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Hi All! In our Monday meeting yesterday, we discussed what end of the year videos/blogs we’d feature to round out the year.  Every idea with YOU our homeowners in mind. Today’s topic: Gabion Walls! But first . . . or should we say ‘last’ (week) it appears that 3-D Backyard Design is not everyone’s favorite topic. Why not? It is fascinating to me. It’s so fun to see an ‘unused-blah-backyard’ transformed . . . into a 3-D Backyard Design, and then constructed into the exact replica of the design to “Live In.” One thing is for sure . . .

SHOUT OUT TO OUR DESIGNERS for their work in 2020

Give it up for our AMAZING DESIGNERS! (Heavy Applause) In last weeks’ video you heard one homeowner say he could not visualize how to enhance his space – that he needed a professional. He got that right . . . designers have the Vision, the Skills and the Experience to turn your humdrum-monotone landscapes into outdoor-living-works-of-art. This blog is a tribute to our eclectic group of impressive designers – to pay them respect and admiration for their stellar work this year! Thank you for Masterpiece after Masterpiece. (Shouts of Praise & Heavy Applause)  Okay already, let’s head to the topic at hand “Gabion Walls” which By-the-Way was designed by one of our Team’s Designers!

Now to this weeks’ topic – Gabion Walls –

What’s a Gabion Wall? Why don’t we show instead of tell! Micah, the Outdoor Living Guy . . . take it away!

Get a glimpse of this entire project:


This property is a wow-head-shaker as it walks you through a Steep Hillside Landscaping renovation. It shows off the After in the portfolio but take the time to wander though the before and during construction photos. The difference is amazing. The power behind a well thought out landscape design and the merits of highly skilled craftsman are obvious. In a time period of DIY’s – why not go with the experts? They’ve been doing it for years and in this backyard, strategy and design rule when it comes to renovation.

The top deck looks down over the beautiful hillside, the firepit area with pergola stands out as a cozy go-to space, the bird sanctuary waterfall subtlety cascades the landscape. Further down a Pergola over a lounge area and pizza pit-stop is a relaxing paradise nestled near the raised garden beds. Gabion walls add a cool design aesthetic. The kids’ trampoline housed near the  all-purpose shed adds just one more destination.

Wait a second, we missed the 2nd floor ninja playroom. What? This is the best! The 3 boys in the home love it! Imagine the hours of playtime here.

Best yet, the incredible pathways, walkways and boulder steps through out the landscape design and the blending of old quarry rocks with new gabion rock walls. Spectacular.

We think the Thomas Family did an awesome job in deciding on their Steep Hillside Landscaping renovation . . . Don’t You?

Thomas, 2020     Photographer, Bill Burk

That’s a Wrap!

Great Idea, Eh? Do you have a a place in your landscape for a Gabion Wall? We’d be happy to help.

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Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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