Garden Water Features are a must have for your landscape or garden space!

Water Features provide a stimulating focal point to be viewed from many vantage points in and around your landscape. When planning your garden water feature there are three main viewing locations to be considered.

1. Viewing locations from inside your home. Often times when I meet with a homeowner to discuss the design and installation of a garden water feature the home owner already has a location in mind. You might be surprised at how many potential clients imagine there future water feature tucked far away in the corner of there landscape. When you plan your garden water feature start from the inside of your home. As you look out your window; picture in your minds eye how the feature will look from inside your home. Imagine the falls, the layout of the pond, can these be displayed in such a way as to maximize your viewing pleaser from inside your home?

2. Viewing locations from the public perspective. Many water features in the Portland Oregon area are designed to be enjoyed from off the property. It could be a waterfall design on a slope in the front house, or as a focal point for a business. These features usually display dramatic falls, with a lot of white water cascading over boulders, and smaller rocks. They could also be displayed using column stones with bubbling water bursting from the top and rolling down the column.

3. Private water feature retreat. While its very important to be able to view your water feature from inside your home, there are times when this is impossible. If this is the case with your home try to create your feature as a destination point in your landscape. The positive aspect of this type of water feature design is that they will pull you and your guests away from the patio area and out into the landscape. You might use a meandering path to lead to the feature. Proper planting is essential for this type of design to add to the interest as you explore the area.

These are three important types of viewing perspectives you need to consider before you begin to install your feature.

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