Looking for the best Gazebo Designs for Backyards?

blog cartoonYou’ve come to the right Blog! We have the best Gazebo Designs for Backyards. With Gazebos of every description, you’re sure to find a just-right-for-our-family outdoor structure. Afterall, our gazebos designs are created after collaborating with homeowners – just like You!

Everyone knows Outdoor Living Rooms are trending! And why not use your backyard landscape for living in? Entertaining and relaxing outside is what it’s all about. Long gone are the days that landscapes were viewed from inside windows. Yards are livable spaces. Add an extra room to your homelife a few steps out the back door.


Small Backyard Gazebo

Rustic Modern Gazebo

The Shrivers had a narrow strip of yard with a fence seemingly too close to do anything. Also, a huge side lawn. That is where a design pro comes in handy. This Gazebo plus pergola effect added an extended living room for total enjoyment of the space. Complete with gas fireplace, TV screen, and lighting, it becomes plain-old-cozy.  Turning the side yard into a putting green created fun for all and maintenance is a breeze. We like the clean lines of the rustic modern style as well. This once unused space is transformed.

Rustic-modern landscape

Gazebos Come in All Flavors

Gazebos make sense. A gazebo with a fireplace wall will keep you warm and toasty while giving you breathing room from inside routines.  Enjoy the next eight properties as they show off the beauty of Gazebos with focal point fireplaces. Picture yourself relaxing in these peaceful settings with loved ones, neighbors, friends, and family pets. Want to see the entire property? (click the image to tour)

gazebo in landscape

Gazebo in landscape

Gas Burning Fireplace in Landscape design

Backyard Living Spaces

Outdoor Living room with fireplace wall

Outdoor Living Landscape Design

Gazebo In Landscape Design

Outdoor Living Landscape Design

gazebo design

Come up with any Favorites?

They are all special to Team Paradise. Each perfect for the families they were constructed for.

Seriously? Anyone would love one of the Outdoor Living Rooms you’ve just seen, right? But individual style, landscape size, and factors behind these impressive scenes determine the design elements. That’s why Paradise Restored recognized homeowners needed to swap ideas and collaborate with designers in their properties. Sharing must-haves, dreams and ideas. Then a design/architectural plan and 3d view is developed. We work hand-in-hand with families to create fabulous gazebos in Landscape Design.

YouTube Video – Creative Solutions – Covered Structures

Gazebos Come with Kitchens too!

Thus far, you’ve seen classic examples of Gazebos as Outdoor Living Rooms. The next group of Gazebos will highlight outdoor kitchens. If you think about it, indoor family rooms and kitchens seem to draw party guests. That is the beauty of having an outdoor Gazebo to entertain in. Complete with full or half kitchens, living décor and furniture, these entertaining areas provide perfect party space away from your indoor kitchen sink! Many have built-in bars with bar stools for the men to hang around, TV’s for game nights, grill areas, refrigerators, and hot and cold running water!  And when it comes to supplying entertaining space for any size crowd, Gazebos definitely have it!

Spectacular outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen in Gazebo

Gazebo & Kitchen

Dog Friendly Backyard Design

Gazebo In Landscape Design

Outdoor Living Landscape Design

gazebo kitchen

Whew! Magnificent Kitchen Gazebos, don’t you think?

It easy to see how Gazebos can enrich your Outdoor Living Experience. Actually, how they can enrich your ‘Everyday Living Experience.’  Before we end this idea-train of gazebos, enjoy some attached structures you could see yourself living in.

outdoor Shade room

Two sided Fireplace wall

Attached Gazebo

attached gazebo

Homeowner Ideas Matter

One of our favorite couples, the Rossons, wanted an outdoor gazebo so their family would have a place to gather. The gazebo was built close to their house but they wanted extra protection from the elements and decided on a breezeway. This smart idea allows them easy access to the outdoor living room throughout the year. It has plenty of space for everyone and some extra fun elements in the landscape. Take a tour of their other ideas.

Four Seasons Outdoor Living

Gazebo – Outdoor Living Room

It’s a Wrap

Thank you for joining us.  If you’ve been thinking about a Gazebo in your own landscape, we can stop by your property and give you some ideas via http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

Want to see what everyone else is doing in Portland?  Good Idea: Check out: http://www.parad iserestored.com/portfolio/  

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Until next time Portland, Get Outside!

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