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What exactly does that mean? Green landscaping and gardening? You might be sayin’ “Isn’t all gardening…..green?”. Maybe we just need a definition of sustainability and “green”.  There’s simply too much concerning environmental responsibility to fit into one category. But here are a few ideas for green gardening:

  1. CATCH THE RAIN – Collecting runoff from one good rain shower makes it work like 10. A rain barrel under a downspout provides a reservoir of chemical-free water to tap as plants need it.
  2. PLANT NATIVES –  Species naturally suited to our region require less water and maintenance and no pesticides.
  3. WATER DEEPLY – One penetrating, weekly soaking (1 to 1 1/2 hours) encourages plant roots to grow down in search of water. Frequent, brief waterings leave water on the surface, encouraging shallow roots that make plants much less drought-tolerant.
  4. TRY DRIP WATERING – Drip irrigation doesn’t waste a drop through evaporation and prevents molds that can develop with droplets on plant leaves

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