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tree logoWhat’s all this about a tree?

Growing Our Family Tree – Paradise Restored is all about what we value most: FAMILY. Yes, we even made it our mission statement thanks to Micah Dennis, CEO and founder. His idea for the tree; His ‘family comes first’ attitude. Micah is just a guy who started out behind a lawnmower 24 years ago and began carving his niche in Portland’s suburban landscape.

Portland is one of the best places to live in Oregon. Living in Portland offers residents a suburban feel and most own their homes. It is #15 in best cities for Millennials in America. In Portland there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. (And Landscapes!) Many young professionals live in Portland.

Now that We’ve had an Urban Update, what about the Tree Again?

Hey, watch it. Yes, blogs can be weighed down by words . . . But, this is important info. Why the tree? Easy. The Paradise Restored logo symbolizes ‘our family tree.”  For years our team members have worked together like a family to build client relationships and create truly exceptional landscapes. We mean it. Our Family Tree is rooted in our positive staff, integrity, quality, and customer care. It’s a family and families grow together, right? Let’s take a peek at ‘way back when,’ shall we?

You know I’m all about that bass, ‘Bout that bass, no treble

If you know what this lyric is about, you can identify Micah Dennis in his early years. He was a natural who loved landscape design and had fun with it, his version. It just so happened, his version was ahead of landscape times. Micah is what he is, self-motivated, self taught. He combined natural ability for design with continual education to produce his ‘drawing board’ for the future.

When Micah began ‘walking in nature’ behind a mower, he felt a connection. He began to appreciate the trees, grass and flowers – the prevailing peace.

Have you ever mowed a lawn? It’s one of those things people do by themselves but never talk about much. As you go back and forth, striping the lawn with a crisp cut, you feel good. You smell the fresh green grass. You daydream.

Along the way and many daydreams later, Micah developed the impetus to grow a simple lawn maintenance route into an “all inclusive” landscape design company . . . Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design.

It’s a cool family tree story of how he dug in his roots, nurtured a sapling into a pillar and became a leader in landscape design.

Check out his story as the Outdoor Living Guy:

The Outdoor Living Guy – Thriving in Nature

Micah Dennis is the motivating head of this Paradise Restored family tree. He is determined to keep getting it right, year after year, designing spectacular family landscape retreats. Okay already, show us some money shots. Notice the emphasis on family outdoor living. As we know, not all family are created equal.  Just as not all  outdoor living spaces are created the same.


Wait a minute, Did We Miss a year or Two?

One minute it’s 1995 and the next, close to 25 years later…. Let’s pop back into time a bit. Micah says it’s about family, remember? Why don’t we take a look at his.

Wife and family life are essential and may well be what has driven Micah to his many achievements.  Marrying Desiree Dennis when the company was getting off the ground complimented the venture – with her love of flowers/plants and ability to name each and every one. From their first yard together to a landscape filled with elements many only dream of. Equally important in the family tree are their two children, Alyvia and Xander.

Spending time with family and friends in their beautiful outdoor living room/kitchen became one of the couple’s favorite things to do.  “We enjoyed our private retreat so much,” said Micah, “it inspired me to create outdoor living spaces for others.” And so evolved a company direction in landscape construction. One of creating outdoor rooms to expand living/entertaining area and draw people out of their homes into a ‘personal paradise’. Homeowners responded so favorably to “personal paradise” designs – Micah realized the potential in this growing trend years ahead of the curve.

Outdoor Living is filled with elements. Fire & Water Features, Outdoor Kitchens, Spas, Outdoor Structures, and get-together-gathering spots.

A Design Plan Is an Important Beginning

Establishing what works best is essential. A design plan is an important beginning.

Micah realized early, to achieve optimal results, an important step is to put a plan on paper. Developing a master plan will save time and money and will result in a successful design you can be a part of every step of the way. A master plan is developed by considering environmental conditions, client viewpoint, and the elements and principles of design. The goal is to organize the natural and man-made features in your yard into an aesthetic, functional, and environmentally sustainable landscape.

Our Design Process

Hearing views and design ideas from our talented design team helps build confidence Paradise Restored is the right fit.  Check out the Paradise Restored Process

Our Landscaping Design/Build Process

The company was founded in 1995, employs about 40+ people and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Micah serves as the president of the company but has taken on a tight group of staff members who work alongside him and almost as many hours. Values combined with best business practices are the strategy enabling Micah and team to chart a safe course through a minefield of challenges that may occur in any business. And though they’re of varying generations, all members of the Paradise Restored staff share the same philosophy: give high quality service to every customer and never hesitate to tackle a new opportunity. And with the support of technology to keep things fresh and innovative, Micah feels confident this philosophy will see Paradise Restored through for many years to come.

 Outdoor Living Spaces

Traditionally, the favorite hangouts in the home have been kitchen and family rooms. But today, these extended living spaces are taking over as favorite entertainment options as well as a gathering space for family. Homeowners may bring all the comforts of their indoor rooms – into outdoor multipurpose living spaces. As a result, Paradise Restored has been featured in many magazines and 2017 made the cover of Great Backyards. This year, we enjoyed the privilege of being a Final Nominee in the 2018 HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards!

Great Backyards Magazine Showcases Our Landscape Design

Final Nominee HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Awards Vote Now



”Micah was a joy to work with.  He was professional, courteous and paid attention to detail.  His was a great help by providing his expertise when choosing location, plants, etc… Micah’s crew was polite, clean, and efficient. The work went very smoothly and we are very happy with the results. After working with Micah it is obvious that his top 3 priorities are all “customer satisfaction”.  He strives to make sure you as a customer are fully satisfied with the results.” Beaverton, OR

“Paradise Restored was absolutely a professionally run company, top to bottom.  They provided daily communication via email about the status of the project, and were open and responsive to questions every step along the way.  From the crew to the project superintendent to the operations staff to Micah himself, their first priority was customer satisfaction and a job well done.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company and plan on utilizing them for future projects.” Tigard, OR

“We are extremely happy with Paradise Restored. Best home improvement job I’ve ever had! Excellent work. Great work ethic, fantastic communication daily from project manager, work site cleaned every day and very organized. Stellar company.” Gresham, OR

“In a word – excellent. The overall experience far exceeded my expectations. I would like to think my paradise was restored – but truly – it was created!! After quotes from other companies, I felt Micah got the vision of what I would like. His excellent Angie’s List rating was a big draw and well deserved. What I have now is amazing. It would be easy to gush – but I am relaying my experience. Excellent, hardworking, pleasant crew, punctual. easy to work with. Beautiful design, more than promised – I am not an easy woman to please – but this time I am delighted. I plan on using MIcah and his company exclusively from here forward.” Lake Grove/Lake Oswego, OR

That’s a wrap!

When you get to the testimonials, we’re at the end of this portion of the story. Family Trees – we’ve all heard of them, this one is is still growing. Thanks for joining us in Growing Our Family Tree – Paradise Restored.

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