Guided Tour Landscape Designs

Guided Tour Landscape Designs

Welcome to our series featuring a Guided Tour of Landscape designs of small, medium, and large properties – with an eclectic mix of styles and elements.

We begin the 2018 series with a tour of the Gibson Property in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Located on a corner lot, the homeowners desired a larger all-inclusive outdoor living space complete with fencing to add privacy to their children’s’ play area. Take a look at some “before” photos showing all sides of the property.


Let’s begin by showing off a few of the finished areas. Then we will back track a bit to show construction phases. Keeping the garage in tact, a large, custom wood gazebo was attached and is the focal point living area. Notice the wood-fire pizza oven as part of the fireplace and entertainment wall.  The outdoor lighting adds ambiance and function with central chandelier and hanging lights over cook station and bar/refrigerator area. The sound system with speakers is a ‘must have’ luxury and is perfect for ITunes or TV sound amplifier.

Design Phase

It begins with a collaboration between homeowner & designer… together ideas are swapped, and then a design plan is formulated. Once finished and signed off…. It’s on to construction. Notice the 3D plan of the dining deck showing pergola with polycarbonate waterproof roofing. This added feature allows for extra light while providing protection from intense sun or rain showers. In the design plan, notice the breezeway also has this feature allowing for dry transition from back door access, through Dining Deck and down step to Outdoor Living area.

Team Paradise construction crews hit the property and begin the landscape design transformation.


With access to both indoor & outdoor kitchens, this deck is gorgeous and serviceable. The deck is used for dining, lounging, and kids play.  The  two staircases go to different areas of the landscape. One to the firepit with custom wrap-around wood seatwalls. The other to the gazebo and side deck.

The WOW Factor

Firepit with custom wood Seat walls…… Viewpoint seating to Waterfall feature pouring into sunken spa. Notice the private retreat away from the entertainment areas. Nestled in the plantings and near the soothing sounds of the waterfall. Ideal for daytime or evening as dusk sets in.

Here’s a quick look at construction of these two fun landscape features:


This perfect side yard option with living tapestry wall makes dog life easy and convenient for working homeowners. The living wall is placed for optimal viewing pleasure from office window.

But wait – THERE’S MORE

More fun as well as practical design options. Let’s head back around to the other side of the kitchen bar and gazebo.  Our happy homeowners love to plant both veggies and flowers in garden boxes. The kids need a child’s play station and a deck of their own near it.  Keeping an eye on them is easy from a deck situated off the family room and close to the action.

One last look at construction . . .

Whew… this has been quite a tour. This property is full of  Basics & Bells & Whistles.

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Designer Manager: Debra Berger

Photographer: Bill Burk


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