Hardscapes in Landscape Design

What are hardscapes?

They are the hard materials in landscapes such as masonry or woodwork.  Used in the early stages of landscape construction they are the elements in the design that create the foundation or shape. Hardscapes prevent the absorption of water and protect the soil. The construction of patios, vertical walls, pools, spas, stone benches, or paved walkways prevents soil erosion while becoming the core of the landscape design.  Wood structures are another element in hardscaping. Once the hardscaping is defined, the softscaping can easily be implemented by adding live plantings that add color and character.

Our focus in this blog is on hardscaping.  We thought showing off hardscapes other homeowners have selected might be helpful.  Many times when perusing our gallery of works, the hardscaping goes unnoticed when actually, it is a major contributor to the appeal of the entire project.  With so many areas of hardscaping, let’s begin today with patios.  They can be constructed with concrete pavers, brick, flagstone, bluestone, mortared slate . . . or combinations of these as shown below.  Once you notice them as the foundation of the design you begin to appreciate hardscapes in every landscape.

Bethany Landscape

Circular Hardscape & Pavers

Next, custom wood structures become focal points for family fun and entertaining. They are called gazebos, or pergolas, arbors, privacy screens, fences, gates, and decks. Wood Structures are simply beautiful and you will see the various designs and uses of the woodwork to enhance a landscape by clicking this link:

Beaverton LandscapeGazebo w/Fireplace & Outdoor Living Room

You might be surprised that water features are considered hardscaping. Their walls and boundaries supply structure and define property lines. They come in many forms like waterfalls and stream beds, garden ponds, Japanese water features, bubblers, columns, and pots. In addition, pools, and spas while supplying ornamental beauty also provide recreation.

Happy Valley Landscape

Waterfall Water Feature


Waterfall with dry creek beds running through hillside

Another new hardscaping element we see popping up in most landscape designs are outdoor kitchens and cook centers. These convenient areas for the hostesses/chefs add the ‘eat, drink and be merry’ at your fingertips. From grill islands and pizza ovens to all amenity kitchens, what suits your needs? Click the link to enjoy outdoor kitchen life:

Who wants a kitchen without a fireplace to snuggle up to, right?  Yes, hardscapes include fireplaces and firepits! These fire features need no introduction; fire and the outdoors are a well-seasoned tradition. Fireplace or Firepit – which one would you choose for your family? See how some of these homeowners chose both.

That’s a Wrap!

Perhaps this has shed some light on hardscapes in landscape design…. Paradise Restored takes special care to listen to homeowners, understand what objective they are thinking about and then offering insight. Formal, traditional, contemporary, modern . . . each style dictates its own direction to fit the client and property. To view our many hardscapes . . . visit our gallery of works @http://www.paradiserestored.com/portfolio/ . Set up a complimentary consultation to discuss hardscape options in your landscape @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/


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