Hillside Forest Landscape (Patio Cover Transformation)

Hillside Forest Landscape (Patio Cover Transformation)

The Outdoor Living Guy here – happy photoshoot day! Today we’ll show you a beautiful start to finish with lots of ‘during’ construction footage. It’s a beautiful Oasis in the Woods – a hillside forest landscape patio cover transformation – a hillside outdoor living space. We will show you a start-to-finish Hillside Forest Landscape (Patio Cover Transformation) and how we handled the steep elevation. A start-to-finish hillside landscape transformation that provides a beautiful destination area.

Enjoy this makeover – Boy, It was a doozy!

Walking through

We start by going down steps that are pressure treated with gravel for an inexpensive way to do it but we transition right into it more expensive steps.  Here we are, we have a beautiful destination-covered structure – the homeowner uses to cook their barbecue. – a little covered area to barbecue all times a year. A shelter. a little deck, a couple of chairs – it’s a nice spot for the family all season to cook and chit-chat.


This hardscape is mega arbel belgard pavers and we also have the belgard belair wall on either side that gives us our fixed position enabling us to have a nice walkway down. See a view from all the way at the bottom looking up where you can see the structure and the way it’s attached to the house. They now have a nice little space to barbecue but ultimately the real destination is a Detached Covered Patio space as you can see in the video the crews working are on. There are big retaining walls that allow livable space on this elevation.

Notice the construction area before the inspector arrives to inspect the trenches for gas and electrical. This is going to be is a detached covered structure as a destination point – a fireplace in the back, outdoor kitchen, and a beautiful outdoor sitting area at this lower elevation. It’s a great video to see how complex these jobs can be and how important it is to consider the design and the complexities that go with it.

Click into the video – it shows & tells all!

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Thanks guys, and thanks for joining us for a Hillside Forest Landscape (Patio Cover Transformation)

That’s a Wrap!

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