Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (Custom Style)

Hi Guys – It’s Tuesday Tip Day from Micah, the Outdoor Living Guy. This week: Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (Custom Style) These open style fences are see-thru-open-style for better views and yet they keep your dogs fenced in. Let’s head to the backyard:

View Backyard

We start in the Palatine Property showing off the hog-wire fence and the beautiful forest view the homeowners have come to love. This is a custom fence on retaining walls shows how hog wire fence panels create a concise clean line bordering the property. The scenery is still viewable and the dogs stay home in their property versus wondering the forest and neighborhood backyards. The homeowner emphasized how important seeing the green forest and trees was to her after many years of the view. A hog wire fence allows the containment to keep the family pets safe as well as the family to forever see their view.

Don’t Fence Me In

Next, we show off the Torres Property where a fenced patio is a people hangout with dog run on the outside. As backyard patio designs go – this one stands out! A neighborhood hangout, this design accommodates both man and his best friend. The Martinez couple replaced their chicken yard for a dog run and people pen. Sounds a bit odd but it’s perfect. Perfect for outdoor living where friends can bring their canine pets to hang out in the backyard while they spend time inside the hog wire fenced-in patio.

The Hog-Wire fence separates man from pet with easy-to-see-thru wire. The guests can enjoy their favorite spot inside at the dining table, kitchen bar, living area by the fireplace or even retreat to the hammock to laze awhile. The dog friends have a large dog run. This backyard future sees garden beds and privacy screens at the property fence line. But as the Paradise Crews head down the road, these happy homeowners are busy planning neighborhood fun/food/firelight for summer nights ahead. Two thumbs up for these crafty homeowners and their landscape designer for coming up with this pet-friendly landscape.

That’s the Tuesday Tip

Pretty cool fences for man and dog alike, eh? Are you thinking of a custom fence to maximize the view in your own property? Maybe these black hog wire panels would work for you. Notice the attractive lines they create without blocking out the view. Thank you for joining Paradise Restored for Hog Wire Fence for Dogs (Custom Style). We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you. Complimentary Consultation? You got it!

We are happy to answer questions – help design/build unique landscape spaces or makeovers. Pop into our Portfolio. It’s interesting to see the before and after photos in each backyard transformation.

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