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blog cartoon 3 biggest mistakes Hey Landscape Enthusiasts . . . The Outdoor Living Guy is at it again with a vlog on the 3 Biggest Mistakes when Creating an Outdoor Living Design. Based on hundreds of landscape consultations with potential clients, Micah Dennis has identified 3 crucial miss-steps that will make or break your outdoor living project, or mess-up its success. Can anyone say “Blunder?”blog cartoon 3 biggest mistakes

The reality is, Team Paradise doesn’t want you to make even 1 mistake . . .  Ergo – this video from the Outdoor Living Guy with 3 basic things to think about BEFORE you dive in. 3 biggest mistakes cartoon

“Hey Guys! I hope this video helps you when starting up your journey. We, at Paradise Restored, want to do anything we can to help our subscribers succeed with their own ventures of outdoor living.”


So, Did you get the Gist of it?

#1 – Write Everything Down (i.e. make a plan) or better yet, have a professional landscape Designer make a plan. Almost everything in life is better with a plan.

#2 – Design Multiple Destinations spots in your landscape for friends and family to head out to. Who doesn’t want more than one option?

#3 – Material Selection is imperative when creating a cohesive Outdoor Living Design. Cohesion is an important part of forming a united whole.

All three suggestions seem pretty simple, don’t you think . . . And foresight is so much better than hindsight, don’t you agree?

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Below, see an Outdoor Living Space Transformation . . . . Notice the design plan tacked up on the house for all to see & follow . . . we told you a design plan is imperative! Imagine this outdoor space transformation without a design plan?

Well my landscape friends, time to wrap up this post. It’s fun to share a vlog with you from The Outdoor Living Guy. I’d hate you to miss this Youtube series. Or channel or whatever it’s called. After all – I’m a blogger and am getting use to the world of vloggers! Subscribe here and see the weekly Paradise Restored videos as they come out:



cartoon blogger  Until Next time, Get Outside!

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