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Get Ready for an Eyeful of In-Ground-Spa-Candy. If you’ve been thinking of an in ground hot tub, our portfolio is a great place to ‘Soak-Up’ some ideas.  But now that you’re here, why not “dip your tootsies” into one-of-a kind spas right now?

This 3D rendering of a hot tub looks appealing. Odd, how similar it is to one of the Paradise Restored spa designs. However, this dreamy spa has a waterfall flowing into it creating extra-special Ambiance. Click the spa-photo to see how well this soakers’ delight fits into the entire landscape design.

Custom Inground Spa

See what I mean? The bamboo backdrop w/boulder accents, the outdoor lighting, a reflection nook near-by . . . this is a private haven away from a stress filled world. Which begs the question:

Just Why do We Love Hot Tubs so Much?

Let’s ask the experts, Homeowners! Freeflow Spas (thanks BTW) asked 12 spa experts to give their reasons why they love their hot tubs. Nothing like real people giving real reasons, right? Do any of these sound like your Why?


So now that we’ve tied down some personal opinions, let’s get some other facts on the matter! We know the kids below like ’em ‘cuz they’re just plain fun!

Inground Pools

Okay, Okay, can we get to some photos already???

The Day family chose a spa and firepit island. See the long seat wall circling the firepit – plus the wrap-around seat wall built into the spa? These built in seats provide space for the gang – loads of friends and family. Those who love to soak in the tub, those who want to stare into the fire, and those who want to chit-chat their day away! Looks like fun times, doesn’t it?

In ground Hot Tub

And another family focused landscape, the Myers backyard. They have the works in this outdoor space. The in-ground spa takes center stage in the yard, next to the in-ground trampoline. In the corner, a two-story fort and tunnel. Envision all ages enjoying this kid-oasis-landscape design. Click the photo and take a quick tour. It’s packed full of backyard living stuff and the outdoor kitchen in a must-see!

family landscape

If we are talking super cool family spas, we can’t leave out the Newcombes’ backyard jaw-dropper. You can see how this in-ground spa doubles as a mini-swim hole. Of course, it’s design plan includes a firepit close by so soakers/swimmers can pop in and out. Getting a bit water-wrinkled? Pop out to sit by the fire. After a marshmallow treat, it’s back in the tub you go!

Custom Inground Spa

In-Ground Spas . . . Hey girl, you Blend

A nice quality of an in-ground spa or hot tub is they don’t stick out like a sore thumb. They blend . . . and become a beautiful feature in the landscape.  Whether part of an entertainment island or paired with a fire feature, these stunning spas capture our interest.

Custom Inground Spa

backyard firepit & in ground spa

in ground spa

in ground spa

Breathtaking and Extraordinary Spas

As much as we hate to show off a few astounding in-ground spas, we are human! So here we go . . . you’ll be asking yourself, is this for real?

Portland Landscape Design

Custom Inground Spa

Custom Spas

Whew, were those extremely impressive, or what? Hard to imagine them as part of your backyard. Our designers are experts at creating spa-scapes like the ones you’ve just seen. Have a designer come out to your property and help you visualize it.

Spa-bone Connected to the Pool-bone

Hot tubs or spas can be connected to pools making outdoor living times extra fun. Check out these spa-pool duos for inspiration.

Swimming Pool & spa Design

lake Oswego Landscape spa Design

Swimming Pool Waterfall

Look like fun to you? Watch just how FUN it can be:

One last beauty in the woods . . .  Imagine soaking in the spa while basking in the view of the city. Visually walk thru this luxury landscape . . . . click the photo

spa & pool

Ya gotta know when to fold ’em

That’s all folks cuz after those last few spas, who can ask for more? Now you can see why Paradise Restored loves spas and hot tubs.

That’s a wrap!

Get your Soak on Portland!

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