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Okay already, Pools? I know it’s winter . . . can’t a girl have a dying-for-summer-moment? Guess I didn’t get enough sun & swim last year. Add the fact I went to dinner last night at a family home whose in-ground pool is one of the coolest in Portland. So here I am at my trusty-blog-desk with window-view of the grey-days-of-winter blogging about In-Ground Pools.

Did you know they’re getting popular in Backyard Remodels here in Portland, Oregon? And why not? Our weather seems to have taken on a new hot-summer-days groove – weather-wise. Living in Portland all my life our 4-season weather has been predictable. However, in the past 5 years, our summers seem to have stretched out. More hot-hot-hot days, More Pool time! And if you’re going to put a pool in it, Go Big or Go home . . .

Let’s Dive In . . . to a bit of a Humdinger

She’s a Beauty, eh? Boulder accents and sheer-descent waterfalls are riveting and yet, discreetly blend. Kind of jaw-dropping and head-shaking all at the same time, don’t you think? The circular shape of the pool allows a cool flow to the natural setting. A hot-tub spa opposite the diving area is cozy-close to the fire-pit area for hop-in, hop-out ease . . . you know we all love to dry off in front of the fire.

Yes, you might ascribe the Bissell poolscape a humdinger of inordinate proportions. They’ve style it beautifully with an equally gorgeous outdoor living room and get-your-eats-on outdoor kitchen and bar. They even added an Evo – circular grill for ‘gather round the grill’ type action. Didn’t we say humdinger?

There’s a Party In The Backyard

Here we go – Fun & Laughter Ahead! Talk about using your pool and outdoor living space. Does this pool see plenty of swim action? YES! Spring, Summer, and Fall . . . Pack up the babies, and grab the old ladies is just about right. All ages and sizes enjoy spending time around this fabulous pool and spa combo. Hey, don’t worry if you don’t see any guys in these photos, pop into the landscape portfolios to see the pranksters. The first 4-photos show the pool, waterfall masking the slide, and the hot tub spa. Boulder steps accent the natural setting and this homeowner has a green thumb with filled pots & plantings adding sensory stop-and-smell-the-roses ambiance. The second 4-photos show a pool party in the backyard. Nicole Court & Pool Party show off details of the property.

swimming pool

We’re Spouting Off About This Dynamo

Once these homeowners decided to add a man-cave type game room, they were motivated to ‘take it outdoors’ and revamp their landscape. There is no-place like home in this made-for-family exterior living space. The pool area is stunning and cozy with a fireplace wall. A convenient seatwall runs the length of the pool for spectator’s viewpoint and a place to put “stuff” that all visitors bring along. Whoops! Don’t forget the hot tub spa in the corner of the pool for soakers. Nice work Sales!

Meet Me in The Pool House

The Gilbert Property reveals a classic Pool & Swim Spa landscape. Pretty luxurious while offering a retreat from the outside world. The swimming pool with hot tub spa close to the pool house is a focal point for friends & family in this backyard water park. With swimming or spa bathing the star attraction, a pool house makes it enjoyable for guests to change and shower throughout the day and evening. Wet clothes and towels aren’t being dragged indoors – a detail the Mom-of-the-house can relish in.

Pool On The Water’s Edge

River on one side, pool on the other. We’re talking, the Cudahy Poolscape. The river view is stunning and naturally beautiful as seen in the first two photos shown here. Our goal for one of our favorite In-Ground pools was to enhance the landscape adding elements for outdoor living with plenty of spectator seats. Some swim and some watch, don’t we all know.  The design incorporates stonework with boulder accents and plantings blending perfectly in the natural setting. Plenty of hardscape for ease of navigation and to give wide berth from would-be-push-in-pool antics. . .

Bubble Your Cares Away

Asking any kid about the White Property Swimming Pool, they would only have eyes for the amazing slide! Boulder steps up, water slide down! Taking it a bit further, this landscape has many great design elements. Lush lawns and a paver pathway lead up to the incredible pool and hot tub.

Put a Palm tree in It


In-ground Pool Backyard Design. Ever wonder what other peoples’ backyards looks like? We all drive through many neighborhoods and see the impressive curb appeal – but we are not privy to a backyard view. Take a look at this unbelievable backyard you can’t imagine is hiding behind the backyard fence! The McFee Property is a Backyard Paradise – or should we say Backyard Water Park!

Chasing the Winter Blues Away

See, what did I tell you? In-Ground Pools chase winter blues away! Hope you feel the same after seeing these fun-time-sun-time pool & spa combos. For additional landscape design ideas, we welcome your visit to our gallery of works in our portfolio:

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