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Hey, didn’t we just say that in our last blog but called ’em hot tubs? That’s right, this is part 2 of our Above-ground/Inground Hot Tubs story.

What’s the diff, between the two? Like belly-buttons, you can either have an outie (above ground tub) or an innie. (In this case, you have a choice in what you get) Inground hot tubs are a body of water built into the ground, much like an in-ground pool. Hot tubs were the rage 40 years ago – move over ’80’s there’s a new Spa in town – & they’re a fan fav!

Home Spa Home

In-ground hot tubs, usually called spas are super cool.  They’re backyard-all-weather-mini-pools that can be used all year long in any climate. (Soakers like that!) Concrete built-in spas can stand-alone or complement a swimming pool. Because you choose the design features, an inground spa can enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space – ‘and you do it your way’ . . . Let’s get this spa-show started!

“Get into Hot Water” – Stand Alones

These spa beauties show-off the soak-tubs down under . . .

These stand-outs may stand alone, however, they have many other destination spots to keep them company. Check out the Myers landscape design for total outdoor living.  Wow – it’s packed with features . . . a spa-island, outdoor kitchen, built-in trampoline, grill area x’s-two, spacious firepit, & kids split-level play area.

“Liquid massage” – Inground Spas with Pools Attached

All year round Hot Tubs built into your pool. During winter, “Spa access only” might be the way to go!

Pool-Buddy-Spas can be one of many go-to areas in your backyard. Let’s wander through the Duchene property to see what else is happening in his landscape. To start – Pool with seat wall for guests to hangout, living room with projection-screen TV,  kitchen bar, dining poolside, firepit, putting green, 2nd living area, view of city lounge area. Whew! That’s a lot of landscape.

I’d walk a mile to soak in my spa’

3D design shows Pool with Spa . . .

Instant stress relief: Just add water

YouTube Video shows pure delight pools & Spas bring . . .


That’s all Folks!

Thinking Hot Tub Innie or Outie? Contact Us  We have design experts to swap ideas with you! And loads of designs in our Portfolio or YouTube Channel.


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