It’s that time of year again

The leaves are falling and temperatures are starting to drop. This means its time to shut down our irrigation systems. Here in the Pacific Northwest our irrigation systems should be winterized to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. By taking the necessary steps for protecting our irrigation systems now, we can avoid costly repairs in the springtime.

We know you are busy and if your schedule prevents you from being available for an appointment, there is no need for you to be home as long as your control box and timer are set to ‘off’.

Give us a call and we will work out a best case scenario for you. 503-788-3117 Or e-mail us at to request one of the options below. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and appreciate your business.

There are two options:

$69 Winterization
$150 Winterization and blow pressurized air through pipes

(Please know we do service the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. Some outlying cities may incur a $35 service charge)

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