Green Egg & Kamado Joe Grills Built into Outdoor Kitchens

Thanks for joining us for our Tuesday Tip. Today’s tip: Ideas for Green Egg & Kamado Joe Grills Built into Outdoor Kitchens. Have you ever wondered what these Egg Type smokers were all about? Micah Dennis, the Outdoor living Guy shares information and photos of properties with Egg Smokers Built into Outdoor Kitchens & gives ideas on how to install a Kamado Joe into your outdoor living space.

Take it Away Micah – – –

Kamado Joe Style Smoker FACTS:

Can run at low temperatures and high heat levels

Allows extremely specific control of the temperature through airflow

Made of ceramic which gives the smoker great insulation

Temperature/rain resistant, suitable all year round

Where, Oh Where do you put the Smoker?

Where do you put the smoker? Attached to the counter/solid surface or detached – free standing? See these properties with Egg Smokers/Egg Grills/Ceramic Grills & Red Egg Smokers:

Red Eggs & Ham

Hueffner Property: A Red egg smoker (the homeowner loves) sits on a free-standing ledge built into the kitchen design plan. This great addition to the outdoor kitchen sits side-by-side with the Grill and they work together for tasty outdoor cooking. Pop into the portfolio for a quick little tour . . .

Red Egg Smoker in OUtdoor Kitchen

Appliance Heaven & Green Egg too!

Folske Property: Green Egg smoker built into the appliance bar counter. The island is primarily for cooking with loads of counter space for platters and utensils. Nice to pair the grill with a smoker. Smart choice Folske family – Great Outdoor Kitchen and dining area.

Build A Bar Around It

Satchwell Property: Black Egg smoker with a bar around it. Great idea, eh? Add a cart on wheels, a bar counter to create a freestanding grill area with attached bar. It’s perfect!

If One is a Good Thing – Two is even Better!

Fuhrer Property: Not one, but two green egg smokers for this outdoor chef. Would love to taste his fare as he obviously knows what he likes in outdoor grills. Super cute in the outdoor kitchen space as well but it’s all about the taste, bout the taste, pure flavor.

Let’s Eat!

Myers Property: Big Red Egg for grilling in this amazing property. Sure, we like to eat outside and smoky flavor in a burger is super delish! The pair – ‘grill and smoker’ – make a dynamic duo for creating outdoor meals in this cozy kitchen.

Outdoor Living Spaces – Extra Rooms of the Home

If you have time – link into each of these landscapes to see the design of different outdoor living spaces. Go-to spots for rest & relaxation. For outdoor meals and entertaining.

Thank you for joining Paradise Restored for Kamado Joe Grills Built into Outdoor Kitchens. We love creating outdoor spaces and we would love to help you with yours. Complimentary Consultation? You got it! We are happy to answer questions – help design/build landscape spaces or makeovers. Have you seen the latest 2020 landscapes in our Portfolio? Great Ideas on all kinds of features.

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Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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