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What is Landscape Design Build?

It’s an easy way of saying backyard construction. That’s what we do here at Paradise Restored. We design-build outdoor living spaces. Our team is made up of designers, construction bigwigs, craftsman builders, and the nuts and bolts (CEO & Staff) of the company. We’re an outdoorsy bunch of landscape professionals who love what we do.

Portland, Oregon has four distinct seasons and we build living spaces year round. The landscapes come in all shapes and sizes. The homeowners have all kinds of ideas and must-haves. Collaborating with our ingenious design team, a landscape design plan is created and then our thumbs-up construction crews get busy bringing it to life. Tah-dah!

Welcome to a handful of our collaborations. See the ‘before and after’ and if you like it, drop into to tour the rest of the space. We also have an amazing portfolio of landscape designs if you are interested in getting even more ideas.


Beckerman Design Build

Bingham Design Build

Bissel Design Build

Bownagel Design Build

Braghero Design Build

Roscoe Design Build

Patterson Design Build

Noonberg Design Build

Shriver Design Build

Hildago Design Build


Fun stuff, eh? Interesting to see the before, during and after. If you like these, you’ll love this video showing additional transformations in Design Build.

Wet your Whistle?

We hope you enjoyed our mix of landscape designs. Did any help you with your landscape visions? It’s as simple as contacting us for a complimentary consultation @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/

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