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Want the best Landscape Design Portland has to offer? You’re in the right blog. We are Landscape Design.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah . . . that’s what they all say, right? Every city’s going to have three or four top companies saying they’re the foremost, second to none, landscape company in the area. But here’s the naked truth, “WE ARE LANDSCAPE DESIGN PORTLAND.”

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design insists it’s all about the design. Collaborating with homeowners to create the best outdoor living design for them.  You know the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” If something is working adequately well, leave it alone, right? No! Many landscape companies ‘rest on one’s laurels’ so to speak, creating repeat versions of the same landscape design. Not so, Paradise Restored. It’s all about matching the design with the family must haves, even if they don’t know what they want . . . yet.


Homeowner + Designer + Consultation + Ideas/Dreams + Landscape Design Degree = Design Plan. Seem like an easy equation? It’s a process, an important one.  It begins with an onsite consultation to hand pick landscape elements and discuss countless options with an expert as a guide, your designer.  They answer questions, offer ideas, transform your suggestions into practical designs, ending with a personal representation of what your family longs for in outdoor living. Much the same as the experience with the Newcombe Landscape Design


The proof is in the pudding when you view a few of our favorite designs. See the property before construction, the design plan, during construction, and the finished landscape.

Kimberlie Ct Landscape Design

Gibson Landscape Design

Grove Landscape Design

We’ve Said it all Before!

Like in this blog post with great info and even greater photos!

Portland Landscape Design

That’s a Wrap!

As you can see, we love Landscape Design Portland! We hope the above examples did the trick to show off our talent and skills in landscape design.  Want more eye candy? Our Portfolio is full of useful ideas and beautiful designs. We welcome your visit @

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