Landscape Pathways Rock!

blog cartoonLandscape Pathways have an intrigue all their own. Ever wonder why? Probably not. They exist in our everyday world when walking through landscapes; however, we never take note by defining they exist to others. When was the last time you said, “Hey, did you notice how great that path was?” There is something unique about pathways though, we’ve all felt it. They feel good as we walk along them. Although unexpressed, we consciously enjoy the pathways to our destinations.

Landscape Pathways make a distinct and unmistakable foot print in landscape design. Why don’t we jump right in and take a visual stroll down some paths and walkways. Focus on the ease pathways make while adding aesthetic beauty.


This cabin residence up at Zig Zag is incredible. Notice the many pathways winding you through and around the forest setting. From the driveway, out to the ample garage, round to the back porch, or headed toward the firepit. A mix of slate hardscaping, gravel with stepping stones, and boulder steps provide pathways to take you to all destinations in the landscape. If they weren’t there, imagine the soggy, shoe-soaking paths you’d have to etch out on your own. Take a quick peek at the firepit scene and backyard living space while you’re at it.

So you might be thinking, of course a forest landscape needs pathways, it’s a given. Not so my friends. There are many a cabin-in-the-woods where pathways as grand as these are nowhere to be found. But, let’s press on. How about a more rural example of landscape pathways.

Choose your path to walk down, around and through this amazing landscape. Notice the mix of boulders, stones and hardscaping paths. Head straight for the gazebo or the path closer to the cascading waterfall. The many plantings and feel-good-in-nature essence makes you want to meander through it.


Let’s find some other kinds of ooh-ahh pathways in landscape design. Like cleaner lines? Minimalist vibes? Let’s take a look. Stacked concrete wedges. Concrete and wood duos. Crisp looks in nature. We love these modern landscape looks.


They lead us to entrances, to back landscapes, down, around and through water features, across lawns and to private retreats. Destination pathways are often used in natural settings lending character. With each step we silently notice them and although rarely discussed, we enjoy the ease of a pathway.

Create ambiance with Step-Over walkways. Usually, these fun features are designed over waterfalls or even dry creek beds. It’s super cool to have a path go up and over the flowing water.


Every one enjoys before and after photos. Notice the difference that pathways, walkways, and stairways make in landscape design. Ease, function and feng-shui . . .


Landscape Pathways DO ROCK. Convinced yet?

When planning your landscape design, giving attention to ‘pathways’ as an important design element will add distinction to the overall finish. And there are so many options. Pathways can be made using natural stone, flagstone pavers, gravel with wood or brick components, concrete and many more landscape materials. They can change mid-stream from one material to another or you can mix it up in a landscape. The reality is, they give flair while adding function to any landscape design plan.

Let’s finish off with a few more. So many to choose from, so little time . . .


Hey Portland, after this blog featuring landscape pathways, we are sure you’ll want to add some jump to your landscape step. Need some pathway design ideas? Head to our portfolio @ or better yet, contact us for a complimentary consultation @


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