What Plants Should I Use For my Landscape?

If you are like many of us, we wonder about Landscape Plantings. It’s a practical question if your expertise lies anywhere but near a flower bed. And flower beds themselves lead to another question . . . flowers, or plants or both?

Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy answers these questions beginning with the balance between the of the bones of the landscape (hard surfaces, fireplaces, destinations) versus a critical component –softening the space with plantings. You must also think down-the-road growth & maturity – as plants expand and fill up the landscape.

Let’s go over a few Highlights:

Evergreen BORDER Plants –

Due to their tall height and narrow width, arborvitae and laurels create maximum privacy while looking well-maintained. Bamboo also creates a privacy screen to help block neighbors or an eyesore building when planted in a row to form a hedge.

GROUND COVER Plantings –

Micah calls these must haves’ PROBLEMS SOLVERS because their wide-range of benefits. They retain moisture, help with erosion control, and provide a great habitat for pollinators like bees & butterflies. They fill an empty space better than other options like grasses.

Ground Cover PlantingsPlantings FOCAL POINT –

We start with a waterfall focal point using color, vibrancy and textures. Evergreen and deciduous both are good choices. Japanese maples, both red and green are used many times around water features. Make sure to mix up the textures.  Add other focal points that balance or contrast with specimen trees. Choose ground cover, evergreens, some flowering plants, and possibly some aquatic plants if near a water feature.

Focal Point PlantingsPlantings AROUND A LAWN –

Traditional family homes feature a backyard lawn with plants around the border. Next, you’ll want to layer attractive plants at different heights and colors. Think deciduous plants and trees with layers to create character and interest.

Plantings Around A LawnPlanting ON A HILLSIDE –

It’s important to get layered effects while making sure you have a solid root system to help secure the hillside. Boulders are a sure bet on a hillside adding texture. Using smaller plants at the bottom of a water feature, something colorful and fragrant, then grasses as you move up the hillside and different seasonal colors. Top it off with an evergreen for fulness. Throw in a couple deciduous tress to add an extra layer of texture . . . Tah dah – a nice hillside plant combination.

Plantings On A HillsidePlanting VINES –

Vines make an amazing planting. Add privacy screens to your landscape – with vines like jasmine to grow up and around them. Color, fragrance, pure beauty.

Vines in landscape PlantingsPlanting POTTED PLANTS –

Gorgeous plants in pots. Some of the tops plants for pots are: Coral Bells, Coleus, Begonias, Euphorbia, Angelonia, Ornamental Pepper, ‘Golden Sword’ yucca, Green Mountain’ boxwood, & Golden creeping Jenny . . . The benefits of a large pot is the room for root growth and your plants may grow faster as they get more water, nutrients and air. This can lead to a healthier plant.

Plantings in Potted PlantsPlantings RAISED GARDEN BEDS & PLANTER BOXES –

Want a garden? Think raised beds. See the options in the video for growing a wide range of plants, fruits & veggies. These raised beds boost drainage and you can introduce different soil types to your garden this way. Why planter boxes? They look great near a seat wall and you can grow plants without growing weeds or ground pests to bother them.

Planter Box Plantings - Raised Beds

It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for joining us for our What Plants should I Use For my Landscape video! We hope it provides info & inspiration. Happy Planting!

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