Landscaping During Winter Months

What? Landscaping During Winter Months?

blog cartoonYep! Landscaping During Winter Months is a great time to get your Outdoor Living projects completed. It’s no secret landscape construction takes a few months to design and build. Why not begin in the winter and depending on the size of the job, it can be completed by spring. On the other hand, if you delay your remodel until springs’ warmer weather, there’s a chance your patio will be under construction during summer. That’s no fun if you plan on using your backyard when good weather rolls around. We recommend getting started NOW!

In fact, “During winter we are particularly busy,” comments Micah Dennis, owner of Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design since 1995. “Homeowners take advantage of colder months to transform their landscapes into incredible spaces before spring hits,” Micah says, “Also, because these winter landscape projects are not competing with the ‘nice weather’ influx of construction requests, extra TLC and attention to detail can be given.”

Watch the “Outdoor Living Guy” as he shows a project mid-construction during winter.  A few months from now this landscape will be ready for a hot, sizzlin’ Summer! (PS – You’ll love this informative, quick vlog)

Pretty spectacular, eh? All winter months are fair game in Portland, Oregon. Our weather is known for rain and semi-colder temperatures. Homeowners may not enjoy spending time outdoors during these colder months, however, when our crews are working and building, they work up a sweat. And we know our crew-teams are the best in the west! Hip-hip-hooray for Team Paradise! They’ve got skills and ethics to get the job done come rain, shine or cold weather.


We encourage Portland Homeowners to get started this winter. We have a couple of months before the sun starts peeking out and instigating new spring projects. Need motivation? Take a look at some of Our Construction Crews’ handi-work  – Winter Before and Summer After images.

Like to see more of these winter-time-build properties? Click the link to take a tour! Washington, Coffey, Jamieson, and Thompson. As you can see, it’s about starting construction in winter when homeowners don’t realize they can. Most of us don’t think about landscape renovations until the sun starts shining! Hence, this blog topic!


Okay, so now that you know you can start ASAP, winter included, you’ll want ideas…. check out our portfolio for hundreds of ideas for your backyard or watch this YouTube of Paradise Restored Before & Afters.


Think we’ve said it. YES, you can design and build LANDSCAPES DURING WINTER MONTHS. Our design team collaborates with homeowners to create their outdoor dream paradise. Outdoor living rooms, fire and water features, putting greens, pools, spas, family fire pits, and outdoor kitchens with every amenity. If you’re thinking of a landscape revamp, contact us to get your design ideas started and get on the schedule. You can be living a Four Seasons outdoor lifestyle before you know it!




Until next time, I Glove You Portland!

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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