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Trellis Design varies a lot in the modern residential landscape. Many homeowners love the classic Trellis with all wood construction. It adds so much to a landscape and takes up very little space.

Trellis design is important because a Trellis not only needs to look nice and match the architecture of our home and Outdooor Living Space, but it needs to hold up our climbing plants that decorate our landscapes and welcome our winged visitors. It may be that you would like a Trellis Design for the space that separates you from your neighbor. Do not just put in a fence and call it good. Think about the site-lines and what you will see from your windows, from your garden or landscape, or even think about what your neighbor will see. The Design a Trellis that will complement all of these factors and viewpoints. This is where you may get a mental block and either grab an idea from our portfolio or just call us and we can both Design the Trellis, build it, then install it.

Garden Trellis’ dress up your Outdoor Living Space and Landscape.

If you’re looking to beautify your backyard, a Landscape Trellis or Garden Trellis may be the easiest way to accomplish the task. Trellis Design’s and installation are both simple, charming, budget friendly and are a great place to start. Even if you already have an established Outdoor Living Space or Landscape adding a Trellis can be just what is needed to finish off the space completely.

Garden Trellis’ differ from their completely covered counterparts the Covered Structure Gazebo or the Patio Cover. Even the Pergola is often confused with the Trellis. The difference between a Pergola and an Trellis is that a Pergola is usually 4 posts and is used to create a destination spot for dinning or sitting under with a large group. The Landscape Trellis is typically used for growing plants on or used as a privacy screen between neighbors. It sometimes is also used as a backdrop for a small sitting space.

Paradise Restored Landscaping and Exterior Design is proud of our 24 years of beautiful custom Trellis Designs and Trellis Installations in Portland, Oregon (and the surrounding area).

Trellis’ are Design friendly! Have a design idea in mind? Here’s a few of our featured projects that contain Custom Garden Arbors.

Properties Featuring Trellis Design

Coffey Property Vancouver

Camas Landscape

Coffey Property

Vancouver Wa

Torres Property Portland, OR

Living Wall in Landscape

Torres Property

Portland Or

Rocco Property Lake Oswego

Trellis Design

Rocco Property

Lake Oswego

Custom Trellis Design. Design It. Build It. Enjoy.

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Trellis Design