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Backyard lean-to structures or shed style covered patio describes what this blog plus video is all about. Micah Dennis, the Outdoor Living Guy walks you through another side of covered structures – lean-to covered patios.

He promised to follow up with lean-to structures that work best in certain situations as many other times he talks predominantly about detached structures. Why? Not because they are better but primarily because they get you out into your landscape. You’ll see why a covered lean-to style works best in certain situations as they become destinations in themselves.

Pretty cool, eh? Enjoy the individual properties shown in the video and click on the photo if you want to investigate further.

Torres Property

The first property is a North Portland duplex style with a cool backyard. We featured a lean-to style structure for the main structure – the barbecue area. This little lean-to is not only pretty but serves as a great destination throughout the seasons. You can do your outdoor grilling here. It’s a great solution for a small space. Plenty of spots for outdoor dining and multiple spaces to hang-out in this very modern contemporary design.

Lean-to structure for grill island

Hirselj Property

Another small property is a Northwest Portland backyard where we put the lean-to style at the back of the property. Again, a destination in your landscape to pull you out into the property. We have a hot tub in the foreground where you can soak awhile, play some mini golf, or enjoy the fire pit under the detached lean-to covered patio. The yard shows the barbecue off to one side ready to be fired up. You can imagine having many guests here with many destinations.

Lean-to covered structure

Auerbach Property

This property is a favorite because it is so unique. We worked hard to come up with many solutions. At first, the homeowner wanted to keep the tile as it was a Keepsake from their parents. Then we added a tiny lean-to style structure over the barbecue as you walk out the door allowing barbecue time in all seasons. Further out we did a matching lean-to covered patio style structure. You can see that the property had almost a V-shape so we created a boardwalk out to the lean-to structure. It appears to elevated the structure a little as it draws you out to this cool destination. Notice the fire pit off to one side to create extra fun. Imagine being on the inside looking out and seeing these multiple lean-to style structures pulling you outside for rest and relaxation.

Backyard Lean-to Structure

Finch Property

Take a look at this landscape before we started. It’s a modern home in a new development with zero backyard embellishment from the Builder. See the after photos with multiple destinations. The lean-to style covered patio with outdoor kitchen is the Highlight attached right outside the sliding door. The beautiful kitchen-barbecue-wall blocks the neighbors’ curious eyes. The hood helps dissipate any heat from the barbecue (looks fantastic too). A long outdoor bar becomes a much sought-after destination unless you love a good soak in the hot tub. A pergola over the hot tub works perfectly here and while soaking, you can gaze at the stars. A second privacy screen keeps the neighbors from peeking. When thinking about this space, adding both the pergola and lean-to was the best thing to do with the upper windows placed as they were.

Lean-to structure over outdoor kitchen

Jamieson Property

Here we see a very flat faced home with small slice of yard making a remodeled outdoor living space with a detached structure difficult. The solution: a shed style covered patio right outside the door. It leaves plenty of room for the outdoor kitchen and fireplace area. A dual Outdoor Living effect where you can have multiple rooms in one large room.

Lean-to outdoor structure

Whitaker Property

More of a mid-century modern lean-to style structure here. An indoor home remodel was extended outdoors after the new double doors gave the homeowners a front-row seat to their backyard. That view was responsible for a lean-to covered structure – landscape remodel. Their extended plans include adding an outdoor kitchen. Notice the privacy of the slatted horizontal fencing and many other destinations.

Lean-to covered structure in outdoor living

Hayden Property

We had to get Ultra creative to come up with Solutions the homeowners wanted to cover here. The house had an odd shape due to maximizing views of the Columbia River. Both the upper deck and dining deck allow for awesome views come rain or shine. The lower balcony dining area has an outdoor kitchen in this lean-to structure.

Lean-to Style structure in Outdoor Space

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