10 Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

Hey, I’ll take some of what they’re having . . . a Luxury Outdoor Living Space. But just what is that?  Luxury: The State of Great Comfort and Elaborate Living. We all enjoy comfort, right? Great comfort sounds even better. And elaborate involves having a detailed, complicated design plan. Nothing wrong with having carefully arranged details. So now that we have a word picture of comfortable, detailed living spaces, let’s pop into a few and look around.

With so many Outdoor Living Spaces to choose from, let’s start small to large, work for you? To see the entire space, click the property name to take a tour in our Portfolio. While there, peek into the Before & During photos to see how these backyards became outdoor living spaces.

‘Putting Green’ Living Space

The Roscoe outdoor living space is complete with kitchen bar island, wrap around seatwall firepit, focal point fireplace, and putting green. With a pergola designed breezeway to the gazebo, the custom wood structure is the perfect extension of their indoor grand room.

Second Verse Same as the First – (Thx Hermans’ Hermits)

Yes, this living space has a putting green too! You have to put the boys somewhere! The Shriver property, a rustic-modern outdoor space.  It exudes ample breathing room with its minimalist décor and available space. It feels quiet and inviting. These insightful and décor savvy homeowners collaborated with our design team to promote their view-point. A modern-rustic interior theme extends into a distinguished outdoor room finish.

Landscape Utopia

This Small Backyard Landscape Design is a perfect paradise that doesn’t exist, but which we all dream of anyway. And in this landscape utopia, the Grove Property is a dream paradise in an outdoor living space. Imagine yourself escaping into it’s calming presence.

Want to Improve your luxury outdoor living space . . .

Not One, Not Two, But 3 Sided – Fireplace!

Oh not you didn’t! Yep, they did! A 3-sided Fireplace that reaches into the sky. A masterpiece. The Carey property homeowners love a ‘Beer & Burgers’ life so they turned a corner of their huge backyard into a pub-style luxury living space. Fun for all!

Put a Sport Court In It!

And so they did! No Worries, right? The Hildago‘s collaborated with the Paradise Restored Design Team for a much-needed Facelift. They left their landscape worries behind to find outdoor living contentment. The Hidalgo Property is an ooh-ahh transformation. See the basketball court where a huge tree use to stand. The firepit area is amazing as well and is the perfect spectators viewpoint. Enjoy!

View of Portland, Poolside – Pick Me!

Is a pool your favorite spot in a backyard? Or would you rather join family and friends around the fireplace or firepit. Late night soak in the spa? Candlelight dinner for two? Or gather with guests around the circular grill. . . fondue anyone? Perhaps a beer at the bar while taking in the game or grab a closer proximity to the TV under the gazebo. Landscape luxury in the Bissell property.

Nothing Coy About these Koi

Put on your countryside personality and get ready for cozy as this landscape will bathe you in down-home peaceful. The rustic landscape design is filled with ‘get-your-calm-on’ ambiance as you luxuriate in all the details! Mr. Stocker loves his koi pond and spends many a morning talking to his fish before his farm-life day unfolds.

Wait a minute . . . how did you say we could get one of these outdoor living spaces?

“It takes time ‘With a little help from your friends’ (Thx Joe Cocker) Get in touch with us! 

Luxury – A Condition of Abundance or Great Ease

This luxury living space is filled with lounge patios, fire features, outdoor dining and kitchen areas, and numerous gathering spaces. A natural waterfall beginning at the in-ground spa – flows under the viewpoint bar w/step over walkway – to spill down the hillside.

The lower gazebo in the Reser Property is most homeowners answer to everything outdoor living. It’s an amazing space. Plenty of room for game days, the living room is spacious with fireplace wall to get cozy around. The bar island in the kitchen area is roomy with plenty of counter space. The pizza oven is deluxe and could easily feed a crowd. You’ll love this landscape . . .

Fish on Land?

Ever wonder what other peoples’ backyards looks like? We drive through many neighborhoods and see the impressive curb appeal – but we are not privy to a backyard view. And the McFee Property is a luxury Backyard Paradise!  Well hold onto your car seats everyone, we are about to show you a jaw-dropping backyard you can’t imagine is hiding behind the backyard fence!

Watch this property in a quick video…. close your mouths…. I know, it’s spectacular isn’t it?

Simply the Best . . . (Thx Tina Turner)

We love all the luxury living spaces we’ve shown off to you today . . . however, our last landscape is the definition of luxury. Kimberlie Ct is an Outdoor Living Paradise. Take your time and view the many destinations spaces the landscape offers. With much satisfaction, this landscape masterpiece is one of our all time favorites.

That’s a Wrap! 10 Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces – Over & Out!

Well there you have it. We know you enjoyed pouring over these outdoor spaces. Thanks for joining us.

Get Outside Portland! Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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