Magnificent Boulder Steps in Landscape Design

Thinking landscape renovation this year?

Boulder steps are magnificent. These masterful stones subtly transform a grade change while adding a powerful presence. Boulder steps add interest with their easy simplicity, as if implanted by nature. They can make a statement at an entry, pique curiosity about the destination, or simply provide easy access to other parts of the landscape.


Correct sizing is important. The relationship between riser and tread should remain constant throughout the entire flight of steps. Boulder steps are wider and are perceived as more welcoming and allow side-by-side climbing.


Wider steps also allow for container gardens or private spot to sit. Selection of boulders and installation is key when considering these true to nature elements for your landscape design.

olsen_property_0017There is something about them in a landscape. . . visually stunning – they feel good to walk up and down . . . and they are safe under foot in all kinds of weather. Perhaps boulders steps would be perfect in your landscape?

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