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Wassup? Not much . . . Hey, wait a minute! There’s plenty going on in the backyard. It’s summertime and we all need to ‘raise our game’ with some Modern Outdoor Living Ideas. Paradise Restored pushes the boundaries of exterior design so let’s ‘tap into some of their fresh ideas’ on outdoor living.

Open Air” Living Area

Combining covered structures with open air pergola design. Extra light, gorgeous wood structures.

Boost Night Appeal – Lighting is Everything

Okay, okay . . . you’ve created the space, now help your family and guests maneuver around & through it. Landscape light is a must-have times two!

Belly Up to the Bar – Outside

As trends go this one is on Fire! Front row Bar seating to all that’s happening. Beverages and Appys are summer fresh!

 Appys aside, How’bout Dinner?

Ever get tired of hearing Alfresco dining? It’s a love/hate phrase. We all love to eat tho – especially outside. With Outdoor Kitchens dominating outdoor spaces, where ya gonna eat? Fancy Dining setups, baby.

Goodness gracious great balls of fire

Firepits in Landscape Design are sitting top of the game. These wrap-yourselves-around-them features are contagious with all ages cozying up for some fire-pit love.

Step Outside For Movie Time

What? We’ve seen ’em in pinterest DIY’s but in our own backyard? Theatres? Well kind of. Screens with projectors enable you to watch from many spots in your landscape. If not huge screens, TV’s are a-listing as landscape essentials.

Creature Comforts, Backyard Features & Misc

Add vibrancy to drab neutrals with colorful pillows, umbrellas, and rugs. They not only paint the outdoors happy, they make you and your guests more comfortable. Outdoor Pots can make a space out-n-out perfect. Comfy outdoor furniture should always be paired with a table; people have stuff they need to put somewhere, right? Shower-power is a luxury feature for pool & spa landscapes. Don’t forget hanging out in a Hammock!

And . . . Ya gotta have Sports Court, dont’cha?

Yowser – Browser

Enuf Already! Browse our portfolio, our YouTube Channel, and Exterior Design Blog for more Modern Outdoor Living Ideas. Better yet, invite us to your backyard and our designers will give you Modern Ideas for your landscape.

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