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design planNeed Help With Landscape Design? You Got it.

Before the Curve

Landscape design is so much more than planting spring flowers and decorating your backyard with barbeque and summertime items. Years ago, homeowners began extending their living space out into their landscapes. The expression Outdoor Living started popping up everywhere. Paradise  Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design just so happened to be design/building these living spaces before the curve.  Probably why we know the 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Outdoor Living.

Why, How Much, How Long, Will, & What

Now that you’ve met Micah Dennis, our CEO and founder of Paradise Restored, why don’t we go over the key points he made in the outdoor living video.


Why do I need a landscape design? In a world filled with Instagram and HGTV – DYI’s, why do you need a landscape design? Easy. This is construction baby; a concise plan is necessary. Wait, don’t get discouraged. An outdoor living design is the best thing for turning your wish list into a reality.

Our designers walk-thru your property with you. They can visualize a design in the first few minutes & begin pointing out ideas. When you share your must-haves and ideas back to them, a design partnership takes place. It’s your landscape, your living space, identify what you truly want in it. You’ll be amazed to see how your design plan comes to life.

How Much?

firepit design plandesign planBefore you can emotionally invest in a project, Money Matters. What are the costs of a covered structure, water feature, outdoor kitchen? Everyone loves a fire feature; is a firepit or fireplace on your wishlist? How much will it cost?

The Outdoor Living Guy video brought out a good point about brands when it comes to appliances/grills. They can be everyday standard or way over – top o’ the line. Want a Spa? Inground or above ground, spas vary in price too. So, dependent on many factors, the cost can be anywhere from a ‘used-car-price’ to a ‘mini-home-remodel’ . . . You’ll be living in and enjoying this space for years and every detail takes thoughtful consideration. We are here to help. We’ve worked with all kinds of properties and many sizes of projects. We TRULY want you to be HAPPY with your LANDSCAPE DESIGN and we’ll help you navigate to get there!

How Long?

How long does the process take? More variables, especially due to the complexity of some designs. After your complimentary consultation, next is an in-yard walkthrough with a designer. (one week out) SEASON DEPENDENT. Funny how when the sun shines, people think – landscapes. (We get slammed with calls) Once your designer takes measurements, puts it into the computer, and works up the design itself . . . we are talking another 3-6 weeks. Then an itemized estimate is worked up and your construction start date finds a spot on the calendar. Fingers crossed for a one to three month finish. Need I say it again? This process is dependent on many factors.

Will it be Unique?

Will my outdoor living space be unique or will it look like all the rest? We believe in Custom Outdoor Living spaces . . . Absolutely unique to You! Like these landscapes below, each show their homeowners’ personal viewpoint:


What is the difference between Outdoor Living and Landscaping? Outdoor Living gets you outside, using & living-in the space. Landscaping is usually enjoyed from afar or from inside looking out at It.

Outdoor living has destinations spots in a landscape. Go-to spots. Outdoor structures, fireplaces, firepits, outdoor kitchens, spas, pathways, kids play, sports courts. It usually depends on the homeowners’ lifestyle. What spots they want most in their lives on an daily basis.

Schools Out for Summer

Did you get schooled? Any answers from 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Outdoor Living? We hope so. You can always call us if you have a question we didn’t answer here today. 503-781-7117

Still looking for outdoor living ideas? Head to our vlog, other blogs, or to our 100’s of photos – Portfolio.


That’s a Wrap!

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