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Two sided Fireplace wall

hammock photo - landscape designIf there was a rating system for landscape design this one would receive five stars –  focused on gatherings with friends and family.

–       Gazebo with Architectural Slab Hardscape

–       Full Cooking and Dining with Bar Seating

–       Two Sided Gas Fireplace – See through to the other side

Two sided Fireplace wall–       Outdoor Pizza Oven with Wood Box

–       Pergola Over Spa, View Patio

–       Fire pit, Family Dining, Game Patio

–       Raised Rock Water Feature with Pond

–      Accent Water Feature and Pond


DRY CREEK BED? What’s a Dry Creek Bed?

Lean-To Structure in Landscapes

This unique design transforms the everyday into a “one of a kind” landscape. Three wood structures – an A-frame gazebo with seat bench, a cookcenter cover and an open beamed pergola near the fire pit add destination places in the design. A dry creek bed winds its way from the upper levels’ private retreat down to the dining patio. Behind the gazebo, a water feature bubbler and fire pit. Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland, OR

 Garden Blog cartoon

Love Looking Out At – MINIMALIST GARDEN – Landscape

Minimalist Garden Landscape

When our homeowners extended their indoor lifestyle out the backdoor they collaborated with the Paradise Restored design team to create a garden they would love looking out at. This contemporary garden is more than rigid simplicity, it’s artful minimalism. Enough to draw oohs and aahs from yard guests as they bask in the serenity. Close your eyes, breathe-deep, and find your inner peace.


Landscape design photo

golf green in landscape design

We liked this fun little family.  The lady of the house had many ideas to bring their small space to life. She said, “This is our staycation landscape. We’re giving up a few vacations to Hawaii but we already know it is worth it . . . we spend all of our time out here now.” This new outdoor living space is complete with:

– kitchen bar island

– firepit with wrap around seatwall

– fireplace with outdoor living loom

Landscape Design

-putting green

-pergola breezeway to gazebo

-custom wood structure

-outdoor television.

A big part of the design was considering the narrow shape of the property and the neighboring homes who had a birds-eye view into the landscape.



Outdoor kitchen in Landscape Design

Want an over-the-top outdoor kitchen like this? She’s a beauty with loads of stonework, grill, hood, sink and marble countertops. The bar island is the obvious hang-out spot. The space also boasts a firepit with wrap around seatwalls and an above ground spa with privacy screen. The pergola awning over the spa adds pizzazz. Perfect for stargazing.

Really? Your backyard is the Columbia River?

River View Landscape

Landscape Design

How do you capture in one frame the essence of River Life in Landscape Design? Nearly impossible! Imagine the everyday reality of walking out the back door and down to the river for a refreshing dip?

These homeowners wanted to enhance their riverview lifestyle.  Consequently, a unique nautical design plan.

Landscape Design


Therefore,with the river bank as a backyard, they created a galley setting with ship-railings and built in stools as if you are on an actual ship. The rich beauty of the bar woodwork and pull-out galley stools are compelling while the view is simply spectacular.

The kitchen galley has views of its own making “river life” extra special.


PALM TREES IN THE BACKYARD? Oh no you Didn’t . . .

Tropical Landscape Design

Retractable Awning in landscape designEver wonder what other peoples’ backyards looks like? We all drive through many neighborhoods and see the impressive curb appeal – but we are not privy to a backyard view.

Firepit in Landscape Design

Well hold onto your car seats everyone, here’s a jaw-dropping backyard you can’t imagine is hiding behind the backyard fence!


See this property from a Drone- Watch this video


Whew! Pretty Spectacular, right? We promised One-Of-A-Kind Landscapes and it’s not over yet . . . .

ALL INCLUSIVE BACKYARD  – And we’re talking ALL inclusive

Outdoor Living Landscape

Landscape DesignIt’s hard to choose a favorite “hangout” spot  in this landscape due to, SO MANY OPTIONS!

– kitchen gazebo

-wood-fire pizza oven

-top-of-the-line appliances

-fireplace wall

Outdoor Living and Kitchen

-kids play structure

-tiered sundeck

-raised garden beds

-dog run, living wall

-inground spa

-firepit with custom wood seat walls




small space landscape

Welcome to a little Landscape-Eden where peace and relaxation hang in the air you breathe. Similarly, the hanging plants on the privacy wall . . . cushioning you in untroubled vibrations. Gathering spots are seen throughout its square dimensions creating mini-retreats as part of the whole. Find your bliss here.


Let’s mix this up with a little Before & After fun. See the “before view” and the “completed after” photographs in different parts of this Landscape Facelift. Seems like we are showing off a bit . . . But, it’s an amazing makeover – Hidalgo Property


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