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Gotta love an outdoor bar in a landscape remodel. They are great for all shapes & sizes of people. Men, women, oldies, youngies . . . backyard bars are go-to spots. If you are not immediately drawn to the fire, grab your stool at the bar before they’re all gone. You’ll have a ringside seat to Food, Telly, and the ‘Going’s On” in the outdoor kitchen!

Okay friends, lately we’ve been blogging with our latest videos thrown into the conversation. And why not? Take this landscape reveal today on Outdoor Bars, we want you to see it from ‘start to finish’ and the best way to do that is to share the entire project via video. Not only seeing the before and during construction, but the design plan and hear the reasons the homeowners began the project. Big build up, eh? Without further ado . . . the Boaz Property is revealed:


What did you think? Now you can see why an Outdoor Bar in Landscape Remodel is a fun part of the landscape design plan. If you are looking for outdoor kitchen bar ideas, we have another video for you. Even after seeing the Boaz remodel, you might wonder why you need an outdoor kitchen bar. This next video will give you some good reasons. It will show off design tips for outdoor kitchens and share photos of outdoor bars as an important part of an outdoor space.

If you do not have a bar attached to your outdoor kitchen, you will also see outdoor bar ideas on a budget where a simple bar table with bar stools is an excellent addition to your property.  In some landscapes adding a bar table becomes an outdoor bar accessory. An extra Bar Table with Bar Stools can accommodate a group of friends for small talk, appetizers, game watching, private chats . . . endless uses. Here is our latest decor videos on: Outdoor Kitchens are Social Magnets:

Flex you Décor Muscles

Outdoor Kitchens need a bit of décor in the makeover process. Don’t we all eat with our eyes? Add style and flair to your dining & entertaining. Canisters are helpful for storing snacks on counters. Utensils help us get the job done. Towels are important indoors or out. And the bar stools are key! Look for the correct size for your bar height and choose a style that goes with your overall theme. Big guys love a seat at the bar so if you have a group of guys who regularly visit your outdoor space, think comfort when deciding on your outdoor patio bar stools. They will never stand empty if you consider these design tips for outdoor kitchen bars.

That’s a Wrap – Around the Bar!

Check out the Boaz property in our Portfolio. If you would like a complimentary consultation in you landscape, let us know. Like to see other videos on Outdoor Living? Visit our YouTube Channel

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