Are you drawn to Outdoor Bars?

Grab a barstool – we’re in Outdoor Bar Paradise – let’s take a visual tour of some outdoor bars in landscapes.

Barstools give us a bird’s eye view of what’s going on around us. And, you can seat more people around a bar. If you only have a small space in your landscape and want to do more with less, add an outdoor bar to your design. Like the Brehms did. They took their outdoor nook and doubled the entertainment size and entertainment function.


Bars fit in large, medium, or small properties. People gravitate to them . . . don’t you? They are practical, as well as fun. They add extra seating without stealing all the space and the counters are a dream! An island bar compels you to grab a stool before they’re all gone. Add pendant lighting above the bar, or add soft lighting under the bar. Your outdoor bar will become the entertaining spot in the landscape. Click photo to see the McFee’s backyard in Gresham, OR:

Outdoor Bar

No Reservation? No Problem – Grab a Stool

Eating outside is a Mood Booster. The health benefits  have been documented countless times.  Part of an outdoor bar’s value is much the same as an indoor kitchen bar and counter – The Food! It’s great for a quick bite, for an actual meal, or for displaying a feast –  buffet style. Let’s take a look at some of our Paradise Restored favorite bars in landscape design:


An outdoor bar is perfect for men and the sports scene. Outdoor TV is important for viewing those special games and they round out the bar area in an outdoor living space. Some argue TV’s belong indoors, that everyone should enjoy nature’s ambiance when outside instead – we get it! But outdoor living is about living outside. House matching comfort for all types of people. If TV is what you enjoy, take it outside! And there’s plenty of that going on. Big screens, little screens, two screens! And what better spot to watch the game with the guys? At the Bar, baby! These man caves have plenty of room so if a couch is more your style, take a seat, that works too!

Outdoor Bars – A smart Feature in Landscape Design

It’s incredible really. Outdoor living spaces are part of our everyday lives. What better use of our landscapes? Stepping into outdoor rooms with The Works. Water features, fire features, spas, . . . so many elements. When designing an outdoor space, add a bar, it’s one of our favorite landscape features. Who doesn’t love ’em? Men, women, young or old . . . take a seat at the bar and enjoy the highlife.  Not fully convinced? Hold onto your barstools everyone, we’re doing some showing off:

We hope you saw an outdoor bar style you liked. Some become focal points in the landscape, others a sweet spot to head out to. A view bar, game-watch bar, first-up-for-food bar, or a friend-visit bar. Nothing adds as much charm to your outdoor space.

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outdoor bar

Beer Tap works in this “Outdoor Bar” – Jamieson Property

Well guys, there you have it.

Time for me to Get Outside and find a Barstool of my Own! J-K!

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