Come and Get it! Get your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen!

grill jokegrilljokeTime’s a wastin. Ditch your old grill master ways! You’re better than that –

Summer BBQ’s are days away and you still need to decide what Outdoor BBQ Kitchen is right for you. They come in all shapes, styles and sizes so let’s head for some backyard kitchens and get ’em hot off the grill!

Hope you’re not hungry! You’ll want some BBQ’d anything after this blog post!

Okay, Show Me the Money shots!

Easy Start – Before & Afters

The Thompson Grill Master wanted a covered grill. Yep. That’s the inspiration behind this outdoor grill kitchen.


The little lady of the Brehm household, wanted room to BBQ! Although her backyard was compact, she wanted to go Big or Nothing. We think it’s perfect!


When the Nicole Ct couple ‘put a pool in it,’ they knew they’d need to feed hungry swimmers. And feed ’em, and feed ’em, and feed ’em. We all know it’s about the grill and this grill-girl is at home behind one. But she had more than one trick up her sleeve, they added a wood-fire pizza oven for all the hungry tummies!

Patio Gazebo

Small, Medium, or Large?

Those stories were sweet but let’s get to some BBQ grill kitchens, tout de suite! (as in immediately) How about starting small and heading toward a big finish? Grab your lemonade or hit up your backyard beer tap, let do this!

Hey, what about a sweet video . . . now that you have your drinks, grab popcorn, nacho chips, or backyard fun foods . . . an Outdoor Living Guy youtube is up next!


Grill Islands

Put your grill in an island for counter space, add counter space near it, cover it in an a-frame or as in one shown below, a retractable louvered awning. Making your grill job easier as well as adding some savvy is what this is all about. We think they are some of the best in the city!

Right in the Middle

When you see these portfolio photos, you’ll think, hmmm, that is just right for my backyard… these are some medium-sized grill kitchens. Need help deciding the right size for you and your backyard? No sweat . . . we got you . . . our designers are top ‘o the line!

The Big Kahuna Outdoor BBQ Kitchens

These “Big Guy BBQ Kitchens” need no intro . . .

Be Sure to Get your Grill On!

Whew! All these grill master shots make me faint with hunger! (as if) So many ways to dress up your outside grill making them Outdoor BBQ Kitchen handy. Jump in feet first to see more stuff in Our Portfolio @

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That’s a Wrap!

Thanks again for stoppin’ in Portland

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