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Does anyone in your family love Pinterest? I do! I especially love outdoor livings spaces. However, many times when pinning landscape photographs, something is missing. The outdoor living space looks lifeless. Although the design is gorgeous, I’m not drawn in to sit down and put my feet up. Adding the ‘bells and whistles’ with outdoor décor adds the warmth and draw factor – inviting your guests and family to relax and stay awhile.

Create Groupings

A first objective is to create mini areas for seating. Many times in backyard formats – there is only one spot allocated for relaxing and talking. But, if you watch your next gathering – you will see people pair off or form small groups . . . and these are important to create in a landscape – small gathering spots. It is surprising how effective this is – even in a small patio area. If you create these groupings – the space comes alive and draws you in to pick a spot . . .


Pick your spot: At dining nook, side wall for 2, outdoor sofa, a spot under the living wall, or near the fireplace for cozy warmth.

Colors & Style

Now, choose your colors – look at the surrounding plantings or permanent objects with a definite color – something will catch your eye – then go with it. You can add a second color, but think carefully. If your landscape is filled with lush green plants and trees, choose a color that either blends well with nature or makes a sharp contrast. Some colors don’t work in natural settings and become a focal eyesore – they just don’t look right and can detract from the overall flow. Also, watch out when using stripes – they can add colors that look unnatural, throwing the balance off.

You also want to keep an underlying theme going on. Some landscapes are perfect for a one point theme such as Japanese simplicity with minimalist décor – others might have a contemporary style – or an English garden style. Be careful when mixing different styles in one grouping. Like this great bistro table (white rod-iron) with ornate high back chairs. This is a unique set – but it is less versatile … so choose carefully (I love this bistro set, btw).


Ornamental Outdoor Rugs

Hardscapes are an art form themselves and create the foundation for an outdoor living space. Without covering up this beautiful element, adding an outdoor rug can ground a group of furniture and create the mini-grouping effect spoken of earlier. It finishes the space. Start with one under the dining set and one under the living furniture. Then it is a process of trying mini areas with/without a rug. Don’t forget – you are the editor – too many details can detract from the whole. Rugs usually work and enhance any area unless they are the wrong color or do not fit the space.


One of my favorite components in an outdoor setting: the umbrella. Generally, they shade dining tables but many times I like using two or even three in a landscape. Adding a second umbrella over the bar nook or over two loungers somewhere in the landscape adds and extra element and creates a colorful balance. Try two of the same color or same pattern, or one large, one small – mix it up. You will love the look.


Pillows & Cushions

Outdoor living is catching on giving us many more outdoor fabric options for PILLOWS! These tiny squares, circles, and rectangles add spark to your landscape area. Try one solo pillow in a pattern or color on a lounger, or a mix of sizes, shapes and colors on a settee – pillows make the difference. Choices for outdoor fabric have been solids and stripes for decades. If you have trouble finding pillows with flair, sew your own. A friend of mine clued me in on a great website: fabric.com (outdoor fabrics at an affordable price). Now, any old pillow or clearance pillow can add that ‘perfect touch’ to wake up a monotone space.

Also, give your landscape a new look this season by re-covering your outdoor furniture cushions. Seriously, these outdoor fabrics are low-cost and have mega-appeal. A couple of nights spent over your dusty sewing machine will make a dramatic difference.


Décor Pieces

Add one last important element via décor pieces. To create cozy, inviting spaces – shop for those perfect accents to pull the entire look together. Hanging lanterns on plant hooks, vases with candles or fresh flowers, unique art pieces, large baskets filled with outdoor blankets – it all works. Snip a few branches off a bush or tree and add it to a vase – gorgeous.

Lake Oswego Landscape

Outdoor Living Room

Remember, it’s an extension of your home and you’ll want to spend many more hours in it if you add depth and richness with landscape décor – adding the warmth and draw factor! Above all, think about inviting yourself in to relax and enjoy your personal outdoor living space.

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

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