foodie shotWhat? Outdoor Eating as a Blog Topic?

Yep. Time to dust off the outdoor dining furniture and setup outside for spring & summer. As content-odd as “Outdoor Eating” might seem, it’s actually a smorgasbord of culinary delights and design must-haves.  So tuck your napkins in your shirt fronts, ‘cuz here comes Bar-be-ques, appetizers, and chilled beverages . . . Now all we need is some APPETITES!

It’s all about the Food, ‘Bout the food, or Go Hungry

Hate to say it – the base of most outdoor gatherings . . . drum roll please . . . is Food. A global enjoyment. Thousands of words have been typed about ‘the ambiance of AL fresco dining.’  We all love to eat outdoors. Backyard Barbecues are decades old . . . or should I say, stone-age old? Our favorite restaurants have patio dining. Our outdoor living areas have full-blown kitchens with every amenity. And of course . . . grill masters get their ‘grill on’ and fire up – delicious char-grilled burgers, steaks, chicken & ribs . . .

Times, they’ve been a changin’

Way back when, we had one picnic table for all 7 of us! A square of concrete, the indoor grill, and a Mom who ran back and forth, inside & out retrieving EVERYTHING. Nowadays, most backyards have a square of concrete, an outdoor grill, and a Mom who runs inside & out retrieving EVERYTHING. Ha! Wrong – that was so last decade! Now-a-days, outdoor kitchens, grill islands with counters, pizza ovens and firepit smores-stations are all part of the fun & food-fest we experience in our outdoor living spaces. We thought we’d whet your appetites with summers-on-its-way cuisine. . . cuz we’ve taken hundreds of foodie-photos over the years . . .

In the beginning there was a Grill or 100 Ways to feed your Outdoor Palette

On Outdoor Kitchen Counters & Bar Counters – Why we love ‘Em? Easy – heavenly counter-space. Do we ever see empty counters? Nope! They are stuff collectors. Everything ends up on ‘Em. We don’t mind when its a variety of FOOD-STUFF! Hip-hip-hooray for Counters in landscape design!

Outdoor Dining Tables – Small, Medium, Large or Tables for Two – Tables make dining easy. Sure, we’ve all held a plate of food on our knees before, but in your own backyard . . . make sure you invest in a table or two. You can have a large one that fits 6-8 and a cute bar table in a corner for 2. Tables are always a go-to spot and a good outdoor furniture investment.

Grills & Grill Islands are perfect for deterring – Honey Do’s – Okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that no kitchen is big enough to completely eliminate the Honey-do’s. Mom’s, wives, girlfriends . . . we are forever destined to be the runners inside to retrieve the much needed item/s the Grill Master can’t live with out!  Do Grill Islands help? YES! We love them for keeping things at our fingertips.

Hot-tubs & Spa’s are Foodie-Spots too! – Yep, we all know Soakin’ can take awhile. Beverages & appetizers go hand-n-hand but possibly not both hands while soaking the day away! We’ve seen cute bistro sets near the spa to hold the goodies, or built in deck tables for just this thing.

Side Tables & Coffee Tables Get the Appetizers Started – Remember what we said about tables? You can’t go wrong with tables anywhere in your landscape – they will be used. For drinks, plates, kids stuff, adult stuff . . .  you name it. Make sure when you think outdoor decor, add plenty of side tables.

Don’t be tight with the Dough – Or – Thin to Win . . . Outside Pizza!  – Yep, we all love a slice or 2, or 3! (Who’s counting?) Backyard pizza ovens allow for everyday-everyway PIZZA – You Create. We’ve had homeowners who became Pizza-Pie Experts! Yum, I’d love one little slice, right now!

Campfire memories – Fireside Smore-mance . . . Grab the Marshmallows, the Hersey’s, the Graham Crackers – there’s a whole lot of toasting going on! Watch it – your marshmallow is on FIRE!


Let’s quit the chit-chat & head straight to the mouth-watering-visuals:

100 ways to fill your tummy: bar counter shots, outdoor dining tables, loaded grills, spa & hot tub Appees, side table-snacks & fire-side smores . . .

Okay – After seeing 100 FOODIE SHOTS – let’s go to the kitchens – !

What is an Outdoor Eating blog doing in existence? How could it help you in anyway except to make you hungry? I guess the best content rich thing about this blog is the correlation between man, his food, and his environment. As such – we love eating outdoors and in the past, we didn’t have the easiest vehicles for ‘fixin’ up the vittles’ – outside. NOW WE DO. Paradise Restored has helped hundreds of homeowners create viable kitchens & grill islands to make dining AL fresco convenient and fun.

Ice Cold Beer, Wine & Cocktails too!

Daytime Delights

Nighttime Nibbles

Outdoor Eating is where it’s at

Yes, the team at Paradise Restored love to design and build outdoor living kitchens & living rooms  – but even better, we love relaxing outdoors. We’re a bunch of nature enthusiasts. Why not spend as much time as we can enjoying the Great Outdoors?

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It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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