Ever heard of an Outdoor Fireplace with Double the Ambiance? For centuries the allure of fireside ambiance has been one of life’s ultimate pleasures. People gather round an outdoor fireplace to get warm and cozy and stare into the dancing flames. Doesn’t everyone want a front row seat? First come, first serve, right?

What if your fireplace had two-sides? Double the ambiance, double the front row seating.

Let’s turn your what-ifs into reality and show-off some of these super-cool fireplaces in landscape design. Called double-sided, two-sided, see-through, and view-windows, these stunning outdoor fireplaces have a draw all their own – from both sides!

Double-Sided Fireplace Pleasure

We love, love, love the Ruesch property double-sided gas fireplace. Who wouldn’t? Many times the fireplace is at the back of the gazebo; in this landscape, it’s out front and extraordinary. With welcoming seating on both sides, notice the outside view has boulders for snuggling even closer. Kids love to draw stools up close to the fire but here they’re already available. From inside the gazebo, the firelight warms the room. If you like to be front and center, choose a fireside lounger or grab your spot at the bar to watch the game. As you can see, this is 5-star setting. Want to see more? Check out the entire property.

Two-Sides, Two-Viewpoints

This little slice of landscape shows off it’s two-sided fireplace perfectly. Inside the outdoor room, fireplace and TV take center stage. What makes you happy? A seat at the bar? Soaking in the hot tub? Or cozying up to the warm flames with window to the otherside? Maybe you want a conversation in semi-privacy. Two homey spots outside the gazebo await occupancy. Get your chi-chat on. This smaller landscape design is big on destination spots around the focal fireplace. The Hauskins knew what they wanted and collaborated with our designers. Voila, family landscape right out the backdoor! Take a quick tour and see what can be done in tight spaces. You’ll love this backyard design.

Peek-A-Boo, I See You . . . Fireplace

Big and beautiful, the Washington landscape has it all. The spot-light-see-through fireplace is spectacular; at the heart of the outdoor living space, it resonates comfort and warmth. Take note of the many places you can relax and enjoy the fireplace ambiance. Full of light and lots of room, this landscape design is amazing. Take a look and save some ideas. Even the hot tub deck has a view of firelight for extra flavor while soaking.

Reflection-Wall-View-Window Fireplace – Jaw Dropping

We are soooo jealous of your firewall Dawson Family. An ideal complement, this unique fire area with reflection-wall-view-window offers picture perfect visibility to the grounds beyond. Next to the fire window the sheer descent water feature and pond (fish home) brings fire and water together to mesmerize the senses. This property is a hum-dinger with it’s awesome features. Click the link to get an eyeful.

Outdoor Patio DesignIT’S A WRAP!

As you can see there’s plenty to see on the other side with a see-through outdoor fireplace. We’ve shown you different size properties. Talk to your landscape design team to see the possibilities out your backdoor. Contact us @ http://www.paradiserestored.com/exterior-landscape-design/contact-us/…. we’d love to come out to your backyard to see your space and hear your ideas.  Next thing you know, a design plan of your dreams can be in place.

Nothing like a double-sided fireplace in your life . . . your friends and family will love it.



Thanks for joining us Portland! We love landscape design and it shows, don’t you think? Fireplaces are a must-have when talking landscape design. And who knows best ’bout backyard living? The Outdoor Living Guy. Check out this short but informative video.

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