50 Ways to leave your Old Style Grill & Embrace Outdoor Grill Islands

Grills – we all love ’em. But it’s Men who are the Grill Masters. King of the grill seems to date back to cavemen at the beginning of civilization. The men went out to hunt for meat and cooked it for the women looking after the offspring.

But it ain’t the stone age . . .  so move over Guys, Gals love Grills too! And they’ve prettied them up . . . made them more convenient with access to utensils and handier grill-stuff.  Yes, the great outdoors has become even greater with Outdoor Grill Islands. Let’s see what’s cooking in the Outdoor Grill Island world.

Got Grill? – Put an Island Around it

Stand alone grills are getting gussied up and useful. These easier meal-prep stations are man pleasers supplying everything at one’s finger tips. Bonus, women are sighing with relief ‘cuz they’re not running to indoor kitchens to complete honey-do requests. As we approach 2020, small grill islands are backyard must-haves.

It’s all about the Grill, ’bout the Grill, No kitchen

In some landscapes, the grill is the star and no extras are necessary. Whoops, except protection from the elements. Want a cool looking grill-space with overhead shelter from rain or blaring sun? Look no further – we gotcha!

A-Framed covers keep grillin’ in the game & ready to feed the crowd.



Outta the Firepit and into the Kitchen

Long gone is cooking over campfire. Kitchens are being built around Grills in this day & age. You could even say, Grill Islands are in way over their heads. See how far they’ve come in the last decade as they are wrapped up in kitchen features. Don’t worry, they are still the star.





The Whole Enchilada

Outdoor Kitchens [going] whole hog are sure to whet your appetite. Boasting amenities many indoor kitchens don’t have, these whole kit and caboodle outdoor kitchens are sensational. The thing is – the whole shebang gets overwhelming so let’s break it down grill by grill:

ANDERSON:    Gazebo Kitchen – Fireplace wall – cozy, comfy – loads of counter space

Brehm:  Super cute bar kitchen set up for friend fun.

FINCH:  Grill-Masters delight, tall-wall-backdrop is impressive privacy screen and weather barrier

FOLSKE: Tuscan style kitchen & bar design – Grills (2) in own island – storage X’s 2  – crazy counter space

FOREST: Must see bar kitchen & grill island – so much more to this swim spa landscape design!

GIBSON: All the best for this family landscape design – kitchen appliance most would only dream of.

JAEKEL: No need to shout, “Get outta the kitchen” – there’s plenty of room here – Big grill, big style, big-time fun & flavor ahead!

KIMBERLIE CT: Don’t be blue, be happy! Yes the blue lights brighten up this wonderland kitchen with pizza oven too.  Night or Day, it’s amazing & yes, I want a slice!

NICOLE CT: Grill time means fun time after pool time in this backyard beauty. So many, many past and future meals with friends & family, ahead.

MCFEE: Tropical overtones in this poolscape – funscape. How can anyone resist, especially with EVERYTHING at one’s fingertips. Grill has a special place with counters and storage all it’s own. Love this!

MCKENNA: Grills & Counters, Sink & Garbage compactor – This Gazebo Kitchen is a dynamo!

MYERS: A couple a grills, a bunch more frills – this backyard is the bomb!

NEWCOMBE: This ooh-ahh outdoor great room has a huge grill for huge appetites. Come and get it!

RESER: Wowie-Zowie – get ready to relax and recharge — pizzas bubbling in the oven, lemonade is thirst quenching – grab me a bar stool . . .

RUESCH: Get me a chair by this fireplace! And a slice of veggie pizza please. The bar is a beauty with plenty of seats, 2 grills make it even hot, hot, hotter!

STOCKER:  This Outside grill kitchen right out the backdoor is complemented by the beautiful scenery. One of our favorites.

#49 – Kitchen off the Upper-Level Outdoor Living Room

Upper level kitchen

#50 – Pergola Kitchen is a Beaut!

Outdoor kitchen


Goodbye Grills of the Past! Enter Grill Islands of the Future . . .

There you  have it! 50 Outdoor Grill Islands – Stand Alone, A little bit Extra, and the Full Monty. Want more ideas? Our Portfolio is loaded. Want a designer visit? We welcome your contact. Our landscape YouTube Channel Rocks – if you want info & visual landscape design.

It’s a Wrap!

Thanks for Dropping In

Until next time . . . Get Outside Portland!

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