Outdoor Kitchen Designs Ideas (Slopes)

Hi Guys – another Tuesday Tip for you. Outdoor Kitchens are very popular in backyard Design and many people wonder how to build them.

Today’s solution is on how to build an outdoor kitchen but also how to build a kitchen retaining wall. What we’re using here is a very common wall material it’s called a tandem wall. It’s by Belgard, a nationwide distributor you should be able to get wherever you live. It’s a beautiful product to use for retaining walls but it’s also awesome at doing what we see here with this kitchen project – the way to handle a sloped landscape as well.

Take this visual tour with us and see solutions for Outdoor Kitchen Design – Slopes . . .

FOOD IS PART OF THE FUN – Kitchens Rock!

We all know food is a big part of the fun anywhere we live and entertain in. That is why an Outdoor Kitchen Design is a HUGE factor when extending your indoors out into your landscape. Back in the day, standing grills were the answer to eating outside with picnic tables and endless carrying of indoor kitchen goods – out to the backyard! Nowadays, grill islands and complete kitchens are becoming the ‘norm’ in backyard living.

Foodie Shots:

Outdoor Kitchen Design Using a Retaining Wall

In today’s video, the Outdoor Living Guy shows smart ideas on how to troubleshoot a sloped backyard when adding the kitchen grill island. We know you’ll appreciate the info and the build process. The kitchen grill island turned out just right and adds a super strong retaining wall for the garage. What a masterpiece, eh?

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Check out the before construction, the design plan, during construction, and the total finished. The Grubb family loves their outdoor living space and total landscape transformation.

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