100 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas!

Hi guys, wanna see a bunch of outdoor kitchens? Let’s leave wordy paragraphs in the dust as we take off on an outdoor kitchen road trip! Outdoor Kitchen Ideas…. ready or not, here we come!

Outdoor Kitchen in Gazebo

Stand Alone Grills – Stand-Out

Outdoor Dining is where it’s at and these grill areas rock! Add side tables, rugs, and outdoor bling with fun decor items to take them from plain jane to mouth watering pit-stops!

Grill Islands Add Convenience w/Counter Space

Put your Grill in an Island and see how ‘Sweet it Is!’

Outdoor Kitchens Compete w/Indoor Kitchens

The beauties need no extra fan-fare. You’ll see 2 shots of each . . .   Find them in our portfolio to see all sides of the outdoor living and kitchens. They are pretty spectacular.

Vlogs Show Kitchen & Bars Off!

Seeing is believing – What do you think?

That’s a Wrap!

LOOKING FOR AN OUTDOOR KITCHEN UPDATE? We’d love to assist . . .  contact us for a complimentary consultation . . !

Until next time Portland, Get Outside

Kim Thibodeau, Exterior Design Services

Landscape Blogger, IKEA Lover!


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